ActivBeat 2.0 Reviews – Best Noise Cancelling Headphones 2021


ActivBeat 2.0 Reviews: Music is something most people prefer as a favorite pastime, for some it is work and for the rest of us, we simply like listening to our favorite tunes.

Speaking from personal experience, a pair of good headphones can improve your entertainment factor by a huge margin if you are a music enthusiast.

Comfort is also a crucial point, almost as much as good sound quality.

Whether you are casually listening to music, making music, or simply kicking back at home and listening to some tunes, you could sincerely use a well-made headphone. Enter ActivBeat 2.0.

ActivBeat might be one of the better headphones that offer active noise cancellation.

If you know anything about noise cancellation, then you understand how expensive headphones with this feature can be.

This feature alone can fetch over $200 retail.

Let us see what makes ActivBeat such a desirable piece of technology.

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What is ActivBeat 2.0?

ActivBeat 2.0 is one of the best pair of Bluetooth headphones available on the market.

Their over-ear design, brilliant sound quality, active noise cancellation, and inexpensiveness make these headphones a true alternative to big brands with overly expensive gear.

These headphones are a true revelation and beat all other pricey headphones out of the water.

ActivBeat prove Bluetooth headphones should not be so over-priced and you can get quality and so much more at a more reasonable price tag.

The headphones are incredibly stylish and look like a thousand bucks honestly while being a fraction of the price of high-end products.

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ActivBeat 2.0 Technical Specifications

ActivBeat headphones are truly a work of art and it shows in its specifications as well.

On top of being ultra-stylish, these headphones come with –

  • Wireless Bluetooth 4.2
  • Active noise cancellation
  • Immersive surrounding stereo
  • High-end bass
  • 57mm speakers
  • Breathable design
  • 650 Hours of smart standby
  • 16 hours of continuous playback
  • Fast charging – 10 min for 3 hours of playback
  • Type-C USB charging port
  • Compatible with iPhone and Android

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ActivBeat 2.0 Features

The headphones come with a variety of features and specifications.

At the price point, it is available at, headphones offer nothing but generic sound quality.

However, ActivBeat not only surpasses these headphones in sound quality but also comes packed with a variety of features.

ActivBeat Headphones boast –

  • Active Noise Cancellation: ActivBeat offers active noise cancellation to prevent outside noise to disturb you while you listen to music.
  • Crystal Clear Sound Quality: Sound quality of these headphones is top-notch and only rivaled by high-end products.
  • Technical Specifications: The unique design used in these headphones where a ventilated back chamber is able to equalize air pressure on either side of the headphone cups. This results in enhanced bass reproduction, incredible sound quality, and no space for audio leaks.
  • Over-Ear Design: The over-ear design is incredibly comfortable and lets you wear the headphones for an extended period of time without feeling any discomfort.
  • Bluetooth 4.2: The latest in Bluetooth technology ensures you hear nothing but music without any disconnections for a long time. The range on these headphones is also more than generic headphones.

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Noise Cancellation and Noise Isolation

There are two technologies that are used in headphones to help quell outside noise and provide crystal clear sound quality and experience.

These two technologies are named, noise isolation and noise cancellation.

In brief, it is the ability of a headphone to block incoming background noise using either the build of the device or by using microphones inside the headphone that emit certain frequencies to achieve noise cancellation.

Noise isolation is a much easier task to accomplish than cancellation.

Therefore, the price difference. The basic outcome remains the same, only the technique changes.

Noise Isolation: Noise isolation does not use any electronics to isolate the sound.

Instead, it uses good quality earpads and an ergonomic design to block as much noise as possible from entering your music space.

Noise Isolation can be really good in well-made headphones, or they can be a cheap form of achieving a similar outcome.

Noise Cancellation: Noise cancellation takes an active approach towards blocking external sounds.

There present, inside the headphones are microphones that detect external noise and use sophisticated electronic signal processing to produce an “anti-noise” signal to cancel out the external sounds.

This technique of keeping only the music in and the unwanted noise out makes for really expensive headphones.

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What Makes ActivBeat So Desirable?

ActivBeat 2.0 is not like spending a lot of money on a new pair of headphones and getting limited features in return.

Sadly, this is the case with a lot of different headphone brands that pump out unnecessarily expensive products that do not provide half the features they should.

This is what ActivBeat such a desirable piece of technology.

They are one of the most comfortable over-ear headphones that utilize a 57mm speaker unit.

This not only delivers incredible sound to your ears but also provides maximum comfort.

The balance provided in terms of sound quality makes ActivBeat a true music enthusiast’s preferred gear.

The headphones also come with active noise cancellation that is one of the primary selling points of the product.

A headphone that provides noise cancellation at the price point ActivBeat is offered at is not a common occurrence and a feat truly commendable.

No matter the kind of music you prefer, with the quality ActivBeat provides, we are sure you will not be disappointed.


  • Active noise cancellation
  • Affordable
  • Good build and sound quality
  • Looks great
  • Adaptable Bluetooth or wired transmission


  • A little heavy

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What Is In The Box?

ActivBeat 2.0 wireless headphones are an affordable alternate to hefty and high-priced products that is also able to provide a full-feature package to anyone interested.

In the box, the headphones come with –

  • ActivBeat 2.0 Headphones
  • USB Type-C charging cable which can also be used as an audio cable
  • Carrying case with buckle
  • Drawstring carry bag
  • User manual

The Type-C cable works in more ways than one.

You charge with that cable; you can use it for data transmission, and it can even be used as an audio cable if your headphones run out of battery and cannot run in wireless mode.

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Rating ActivBeat 2.0 (9.8/10)

  • Functionality

When it comes to functionality and features, ActivBeat really blows all other mid-range headphones out of the water.

There is simply no comparison of the two.

While ActivBeat actually has features that you find in headphones worth over $250.

Noise cancellation alone can fetch over $200 in price, let alone everything else ActivBeat offers.

  • Build Quality

The materials used in the build of the device, including the head strap and the earcups are of top quality.

You can easily keep wearing these headphones comfortably for an extended period of time.

  • Sound Quality

The build quality of the device also affects the sound to a certain extent.

The well-ventilated ear cups provide even pressure and make sure all you hear is crystal clear music without any disturbances.

Highs, lows, and mids on ActivBeat are one of the better ones provided in headphones these days.

This provides an even tone and no sound overpowers the other.

Creating a balanced hearing experience.

  • Battery Backup

The battery can last a long time if you wish to use the headphones as a Bluetooth device.

During playback, the battery lasts not as long as the best headphones in the market but still provides enough life.

You can also use a sound cable to connect to your phone if the battery runs out and you cannot use Bluetooth anymore.

  • Affordability

When it comes to price, our reviewers were shocked to see such a well-made headphone being offered at such a low cost.

ActivBeats are essentially super affordable for the features and quality they provide.

  • Competition

There is literally a tonne of different products to choose from.

With multiple brands already making a mark on this industry, it can get confusing which product is worth its price.

Well, here is the deal. Big brands often over-price their products since they sell anyways.

This is where ActivBeat breaks the market.

Not only are they really inexpensive, but also provide a lot of features, available mostly on high-end headphones.

Where to Buy ActivBeat and How Much Are They?

ActivBeat headphones are easily available on their official website.

They not only provide quick shipping but shopping with them ensures you get a brand new, fully functional product.

For our readers especially, we try to bring incredible deals that can help you save some money.

If you get ActivBeats shopping with us, we can grant you official and limited offers that might save you quite a lot on your purchase, especially if it is multiple products.

You can get,

  • 1 ActivBeat for $99.19
  • 2 ActivBeats for $159.32
  • 4 ActivBeats for $249.49

You can also get deals like,

  • Buy 2 ActivBeats at $65.80 each and get 1 free for a total of $197.39
  • Buy 3 ActivBeats at $59.52 each and get 2 free for a total of $297.59

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about ActivBeat

  • Is ActivBeat 2.0 really worth it?

Believe us, after reviewing this product thoroughly and personally using it for over 2 months now, we can definitely state that ActivBeat 2.0 is one of the best headphones to come out into the market at its given price range.

The features you receive are plenty and only generally seen in high-end products. So, 100% worth it.

  • How good is noise-canceling technology?

Noise cancellation is incredible if the only thing you wish to hear is the music you are playing.

Noise cancellation headphones do not come cheap and you should be hurling yourself at the opportunity to get noise cancellation headphones under $100.

ActivBeat also comes with the same technology which makes listening to music and recording it quite the treat.

  • Are ActivBeat on-ear headphones?

No, ActivBeat is actually over-ear headphones. In my personal opinion, over-ear headphones are much better in terms of comfort and build quality.

They fit right onto your ear and therefore, have no leakage of sound.

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Final Verdict

When it comes to headphones, there are plenty of brands out there with hundreds of products.

Choosing the best from them, keeping in mind the price, quality, and features, it can get incredibly difficult.

The primary things to note when you are looking to buy a good pair of headphones are, sound quality, build quality, features, and price tag.

All these combined can give you a little idea of how to find quality headphones.

When we started reviewing ActivBeat, we had no idea about its price.

All reviewers quoted its price around the $250 margin and we were shocked to find out that it costs like $99.

This was a revelation and easily makes this headphone a totally viable purchase for the price you pay.

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