Android 360 Camera Review [2021]: Does it really work?

Using your smartphone to take pictures and record videos is nothing new.

You’ll need a high-resolution camera or video camera to record the most valuable moments in the way you want to recall them.

The Android 360 camera is pre-configured to attach to your phone and take professional-quality photos and videos.

What is the Android 360 Camera?

The Android 360 Camera is a new exciting way to capture your friends and family in photos.

The Android 360 camera is a small camera that you can attach to the top of your Android phone to help you take professional-looking photos using only your phone and the 360 camera.

You can not only take high-quality photos, but you can also take high-quality videos that you can edit later with a complete installation.

From flat to planet mode, there are four different ways to catch a moment, each with its own environment and way of seeing the finished result.

Each mode includes a video setting assistant and image stabilization to assist you in capturing those precious moments.

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Android 360 Camera Features

It takes time and research to find a high-quality app to go with your Smartphone.

Many of the virtues mentioned below will be provided by the right commodity, but it is up to you to choose one that will include them all in one package.

High-Quality Lens

The Android 360 camera‘s lens is what makes it such a fantastic way to capture your life and memories.

The lens is an F2.0 dual two hundred and ten degrees eye lens that can be used to photograph and film what is actually in front of you as well as something else.

Four shooting modes

When taking pictures or filming images, the lens has four different modes to choose from.

You can shoot in four different modes: flat, sphere, VR (Virtual Reality), and Planet.

The mode you choose will determine how you want to finish your picture, such as taking normal photos in flat mode or having a 360-degree view in planet mode.

You have control of the results.

High-Quality Videos

These will adapt to the videos you choose to take, as well as four different shooting modes.

The images, like the camera, can capture thirty frames per second and convert them into streaming videos with a resolution of 2560 or 1280 pixels.

Regardless of the mode you choose, the quality of the picture you capture does not degrade or diminish.


The camera is a small but useful addition to your phone.

The camera is just twenty-six and a half grams, or slightly less than an ounce before you clip it to your Smartphone.

The camera’s lightweight nature allows you to take it with you everywhere you go and have it ready for those special moments.

VR Support

You can shoot your videos in VR mode, which helps you to make videos that are adapted to your preferences and interests.

The VR support features allow you to create high-quality images and edit and change them in any way you want.


Since the Android 360 camera is fully waterproof, you won’t have to worry about it getting wet in the rain or losing it in a puddle while capturing life’s most memorable moments.

The camera’s design wraps around the lens to protect it from water damage while also shielding the electronic components that allow it to operate.

NightShot Function

The NightShot feature allows you to capture those perfect night shots without having to worry about adding the correct amount of light or creating shadows.

NightShot also lets you add light to your photo when you take it, so you can see all of the nuances without having to use a flash or worry about red eyes.

Live Broadcast

The live broadcast feature in Android apps allows you to catch those special moments in life and upload them to your social media accounts.

The photos keep your friends and family up to date on your whereabouts and activities.

Easy to set up

It’s simple to set up and mount the camera on your tablet.

The camera attaches to the top of your Smartphone and includes an extendable piece to help you catch those special moments.

The camera connects directly to your phone’s charging port, making it simple to use and capture photos and videos.

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What are the opinions of Android 360 camera buyers?

A picture was taken by Android 360 camera

Buyers of the Android 360 camera are extremely pleased with their purchase.

They are extremely happy that they have discovered a high-quality way to record images and videos on their Android phone.

They really enjoy the fact that the live broadcast feature allows them to post their photos and videos to their social media pages almost instantly.

Buyers appreciate the camera’s versatility in a variety of scenarios, from taking personal images to recording parties and family gatherings with high-quality photos and videos.

What are the alternatives to the smartphone camera?

You should choose the camera that works best for your phone and your needs.

You can choose from a variety of cameras on the market, but before you make your final decision, make sure it is the camera that will best fit your needs.

Insta360 360 VR Camera Insta360 Air

Insta360 360 VR Camera is a small, portable camera that connects to your Android phone’s charging port.

The Insta360 can reproduce high-quality video at a screen resolution of 2560 x 1280 at thirty frames per second up to 3008 x 1504 frames per second, depending on the type of Smartphone you use. The size of your picture is 3008 x 1504.

You can use the camera to stream live video to all of your social media sites, including YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, WeChat, and WhatsApp.

With programs like Skype and Zoom, you can use the 360 camera function to host video meetings.

With the simple-to-use app that installs directly onto your computer, you can record your life and all the events that surround it.

You can switch between your standard Smartphone camera and the latest Insta360 to capture videos or host a web meeting once it’s installed.

When you sync your phone with your device, the camera will use a special program called Insta360air to run, so you won’t be able to edit and save your memories using the camera application that came with your computer.

  • The Insta360 camera is not waterproof; on the other hand, the Android 360 camera is.
  • The video resolution of the Insta360 camera is 2560 x 1280, with the option of 3008 x 1504 for some phones; the Android 360 camera only supports 2560 x 1280.
  • The Android 360 camera can take images and videos in low-light conditions, but the Insta360 camera cannot.
  • You can live-stream your activities with both cameras.
  • Both cameras can assist you in hosting virtual meetings and video conferencing.

Samsung Gear 360 Real 360° High-Resolution VR Camera

The Samsung Gear 360 Real 360° High-Resolution VR Camera is a small and light 360-degree camera from Samsung.

You have a variety of lenses to choose from to capture high-quality photos and videos, including a wide-angle lens that can capture 180-degree images or videos.

Using your social media accounts, such as Facebook and YouTube, you can share your videos and pictures with your friends and relatives.

You can start immersing yourself in the images and videos you make to recall your memories using the Gear VR app.

The tripod’s architecture allows you to capture high-quality videos and photographs in nearly 4K resolution for videos and 30 MP for photos all around you.

To avoid operational issues, the lens is scratch-resistant tempered glass, and the whole camera is water- and dust-resistant.

You can easily move photos and videos to your phone, allowing you to edit and share your videos as desired.

The camera is compact enough to fit in the palm of your hand, making it convenient to take with you everywhere you go.

The camera records videos at a resolution of 38040 x 1920 pixels.

  • The Samsung Camera is splash-proof, and the Android 360 camera is fully waterproof.
  • Both cameras are small enough to fit in your palm.
  • The Android 360 camera can take images and videos in low-light conditions, while the Samsung camera cannot.
  • A tripod is available on the Samsung Camera, but not on the Android 360 camera.
  • The Samsung Camera can shoot videos with a resolution of up to 3840×1920 pixels, while the Android can only shoot videos with a resolution of 2560 x 1280 pixels.

It’s easy to take pictures with your smartphone.

People who enjoy photographing and filming their lives can enjoy taking amazing pictures with a high-resolution Smartphone attachment.

They’re also for the social media addict who enjoys updating their friends and family about what’s going on in their lives.

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Things to consider before purchase a Smartphone camera

You must first determine what you are looking for before making your final decision on the Smartphone camera that will better fit your needs.

The right kind of cell phone camera has a lot of features and meets the majority of the criteria mentioned below.


You want to purchase a camera in order to preserve your memories.

The camera you choose should be waterproof so that you can take it with you everywhere you go and capture your memories.


Not every type of Smartphone camera is compatible with every mobile phone format.

The camera you choose should be compatible with your phone’s operating system, whether it’s IOS or Android.

Photo and Video

To take high-quality images and videos, you’ll need a high-quality camera.

You want the flexibility of a camera that can take both videos and photographs.


The type of lens you choose for your camera has a significant impact on the quality of the images and videos you make.

If you want to take high-resolution photographs and videos, your camera lenses must be capable of creating such high-resolution pictures.

You’ll need to find a camera that can generate high-quality, distortion-free images.


The cost of your camera is proportional to the quality of the images you will get.

Setting a budget for how much you can and will spend on your camera is important, but you should be aware that less expensive cameras can not provide the quality you want.

You don’t need high-end cameras because mid-range cameras provide comparable output.

Upload capabilities

The camera you buy should come with software that allows you to link it to your social media accounts so you can share your journeys and adventures with your friends and family.

Editing capabilities

To create the images you want, you’ll need to be able to edit your photos and videos.

You should be able to edit the photos and videos you take either with the camera’s software or with standard computer software.

Saving Memories

Along with being able to edit your photos and videos, you must also be able to archive them in a way that ensures your memories are preserved in the event that your phone or computer malfunctions.


From flat to planet mode, there are four different ways to capture a moment, allowing you to choose the atmosphere and how you want to see the final product.

Each mode includes a video setting assistant and image stabilization to assist you in capturing those moments for the best possible memory.

It is important to use your phone to capture your memories.

You don’t want to forget or lose track of your life, and the right cell phone camera attachment will provide you with high-quality photos that will last a lifetime.

With high-quality lenses and video features, the Android 360 camera is ready to use with your smartphone.

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