15 Best Beard Trimmers for the Perfect Facial Hair Trim 2020

Whether you prefer a 5 o’clock shade or a fashionable scruff, there is a beard trimmer to fit your needs.

Alternatively, you can create epic fades and line-ups and care for any unwanted ear or nose hair with specific attachments.

If your man who loves to feel and look great, then investing in one of these beard trimmers should be on your shopping list.


Rest assured, you have a lot of options when looking for a beard trimmer.

There are a variety of trimmers on the market, with a lot of different features – from corded to cordless, number and kind of attachments, and various settings.

How do you choose

To let’s take a look:


Before you go to the store to check the beard trimmer, ask yourself how do you want to use the trimmer? Is it just for your beard, or will you use it for your hair and other parts of your body as well?

The multi-use beard trimmer has a wide range of length settings that enable you to trim your beard, head, and body.

The Panasonic ER-GB40-S, for example, has 19 length settings and is effective for trimming your chest and other parts of your body (you’ll find it listed in our beard trimmer reviews).


Both corded and cordless beard trimmers have advantages:

Cordless trimmers have more flexibility than corded trimmers because you can use them practically anywhere.

Most cordless trimmers provide up to an hour of cutting time on a charge, the length of the charge required to achieve full power varying from trimmer to trimmer.

Corded trimmers, generally speaking, provide slightly more power.

They also provide peace of mind knowing that your trimmer’s battery does not run in the middle of the trim.

If you choose a cordless trimmer, it is necessary to know the length of the battery before recharging.

With a corded trimmer, cord length can be important if you are seeking maximum mobility in your bathroom or any other area where you do your trimming.

Cordless trimmers usually come with a charging station or stand, and you can leave your charger in the stand until its next use to ensure a full charge.


Many trimmers come with attachments that are added to the unit to achieve different lengths and different styles – such as a goat – or include a stubble guide attachment that helps you achieve a stubble look Which is popular among many men.


The length of your beard – medium, short, stubble – is an important factor when choosing a trimmer.

Make sure that you choose more than one length of settings. In addition, some trimmers are best for short hair, others with long hair – and so on.

The bottom line is that the trimmer you choose supports the length of your beard.


Many of the best trimmers are good for wet and dry use, that is, you can use it in the shower and with bearded gels, lotion, and foam.

Waterproof trimmers are generally easy to clean, as well. In most cases, you wash your tap with water to remove excess hair trimming. It is difficult to defeat such a facility.


Stainless steel, chromium, and titanium blades are longer lasting and more comfortable than other types of blades.

Many beard trimmers, which are more expensive, have double-edged blades that provide additional cutting accuracy (and enable you to fix your beard more efficiently).


The travel-friendliness of your trimmer is something to consider if you are on the road. Is the trimmer lightweight, compact, and easily placed in a carry-on bag or other types of luggage? Portability is an important consideration in any case.

The travel-friendly trimmer should have a long battery life while charging easily.

In most cases, a cordless trimmer is easy to carry with you when you travel, but it needs to have a readily available charging source.

While the information above should help you choose a trimmer, here are products that rise to the top of the list when considering your purchase.


1. Wahl Model 5622Groomsman Rechargeable Beard

Look your best with the Wahl Model 5622Groomsman Rechargeable Trimmer.

Beard trimmers are easy-to-use high-carbon precision-ground blades that are self-sharpening to provide a smooth result.

It is perfect for 14 different trimming lengths, any length, and thickness, it comes with an assortment of combs.

It has three stubble combs, four hair guide combs as well as an adjustable guide comb. Zippered storage pouches and dual voltages make it a great device for travel.

Change the head to easily switch to the nose and ear trimmer attachment. The blades on this attachment are easily waterproof, making it easy to clean.

2. Philips Norelco MG3750 Multi Groom All-In-One Series 3000

Get your best look with this 13-piece, multi-use beard trimmer. Choose from three beard guards, plus a stubble guard to trim any length of facial hair.

Create sharp lines for trick areas with both a full-size trimmer and a precision attachment as your intelligence.

Finally, clean the front with a barber and ear trimmer, plus three hair guards for a touch-up between barber visits.

Tempered steel blades are self-sharpening and incredibly durable, while cleaning and maintenance are easy.

There is no need for oil, both the blade and guard are easy to remove and rinse, and the set comes with a cleaning brush.

The device can last up to 60 minutes, and the lithium-ion battery is easily rechargeable. Storage is simple with the included accessory bag.

3. Remington PG6025 All-in-1 Lithium Powered Grooming Kit

High-performance power and 14 length and style settings let you control your beard with the Remington PG6025.

Use a beard trimmer without a comb to create clean lines and a smooth, close shave. The precise attachment lets you get into fine detail, while the ear and nose trimmer comfortably removes hair from those areas.

Then, regardless of the length of your beard, three snap-on combs, and adjustable comb with 8 options, make trimming any style, size, or length easy.

The adjustable comb is also great for touching your haircut. Textured grip, cordless use, self-carrying surgical steel blades, and power indicators provide versatile functionality.

Wash the removable enclosure under a running tap, and pack it in a storage pouch.

4. Wahl Beard and Nose Trimmer for Men

This dual-voltage device is good for jet-sets. Lithium-ion + technology gives it 4 hours of charge for an hour, which is convenient for you on the go.

The brushed stainless steel body also adds a little extra to the stylish design.

In terms of grooming, four different heads have covered you from head to toe. T-Blade gives you the ability to create impeccable lines and quality shades.

Eight comb and four beard guides assist in trimming different lengths.

In addition, the extension shaver and detail trimmer get you closer to the trickier areas around the mouth.

And finally, the rotary individual trimmer removes hair from the more sensitive nose and ears.

5. Hatteker Beard Trimmer Kit

This multifunctional beard trimmer set makes you look good on every side.

A USB docking station is not only easy to charge but also keeps the goods clean. Accessories include a nose trimmer, trimming comb for lengths from 3–12 mm, as well as an adjustable precision dial from 1–10 mm.

With so many options, you can use it on your beard, body, or head, to make everything from facial hair to hair design.

Know how much time you have left to read the LED display easily. Likewise, it also shows you how long the device needs to be charged.

Cleaning could not be more simple – the whole body is completely washable, just let it dry completely before storage.

6. Panasonic Cordless Men’s Beard Trimmer

Keep it simple with this Panasonic cordless trimmer.

Ergonomic, Italian design with rubber grips makes handling comfortable and safe.

The case is completely waterproof. As a result, you can use it wet or dry, even taking it in the shower.

The head has water channels, directed under the blade, to flush out excess hair. This means that cleaning is also incredibly easy.

The dial has 19 length options on the built-in adjustable guide.

For precise work, simply unscrew the guide to create clean, fine lines. The slimline body fits well into the compact charging station, which provides up to 50 minutes of shaving time.

It is a great size and shapes for travel, replacing minimal luggage.

7. Philips Norelco BT7215/49, Vacuum Beard Trimmer Series 7200

If you do not like to clean stray hairpieces by shaving, then Philips Norelco BT7215/49 Beard Trimmer is for you.

The device has an integrated vacuum system, with a high-velocity motor and fan that holds up to 90% hair.

This lifting also makes for more effective and efficient trimming, requiring fewer strokes and less burning. Choose from 20 length settings, all of which are built-in.

To get clean edges, click on Accurate Trimmer. Once you are done, rinse under running water with a self-sharpened stainless steel blade, and empty the contents of the vacuum chamber directly into the dustbin.

The trimmer only needs to charge for one hour to achieve an 80-minute runtime and can be used while charging.

8. Braun Multi Grooming Kit MGK3980

Do it all with this multi grooming kit – sexy stubble, office-ready corporate beard, and a majestic full beard.

Use eight different attachments for different tasks, from trimming nose hair to cutting sharp edges.

There is also a body grooming attachment for safe and effective hair maintenance on your torso and beyond.

The sharp, durable blades cut the hair without pulling it, and using a little bit of blade oil helps to maintain them over time.

The device is waterproof, so it is perfect in the shower and a breeze to clean. Finally, the stylish, zippered case makes storage both easy and nice.

9. Gooleen Beard Trimmer

With 14 accessories, this set has several options. There are five trimming heads – a micro shaver, hair clippers, beard trimmer, nose trimmer, and body trimmer.

Add to that, four trimmer combs for beard trimming and hair cutting, plus an extra comb for precise trimming.

Rounding out the set is a charger, docking station, barber comb, cleaning comb, and blade oil.

With this array of options, no hair will remain untouched. The device carries a charge of 90 minutes, is voltage adaptable, and is also waterproof.

10. Suprent Li-ion Rechargeable Beard Trimmer

Like the Gooleen beard trimmer above, the Suprent Li-Ion rechargeable beard trimmer has five trimming heads.

However, it climbs up once with 11 guide combs, including a barber and styling comb.

This means that you can trim your beard to any length, make sharp lines around the edges of your beard and style your hair easily.

In terms of practicality, high-performance blades are low friction and self-sharpening.

Lithium-ion batteries can last up to 60 minutes with a full charge, or support a single trim with just five minutes of charging.

However, the streamlined docking station charges, so you can store your trimmer neatly, and know that it will always be charged when you want it.

11. Suprent Beard Trimmer Adjustable length

Another tool for gums who like to keep it simple, this beard trimmer is a unit.

The precision dial lets you choose a length from 2–14 mm for ultimate control.

A full charge only takes 90 minutes and gives the trimmer up to 70 minutes after starting, which is plenty of time to go through the fire properly.

It is light and compact, so it is great when you walk. There is also a safety lock, so if you are moving it around, you can do it safely.

It can be cleaned easily, with detachable parts that can be washed under running water.

12. Abbicen 5 in 1 Multi-functional Beard Trimmer

Designed for versatility and a clean trimming experience, this Alison multi-functional trimmer is an excellent choice.

The docking station provides both organizations, as well as charging capability, which means that it will always be ready. Five different cutting heads are easy to change with the release button on the side.

Choose hair clipper, hair trimmer, nose trimmer, shaver or clean your lines with an accurate trimmer.

You can also easily create your favorite look by picking it up with four combs to help control length.

Both the blade and the comb can be cleaned under a running tap, making cleaning quicker, allowing you to connect with your day.

13. Conair Man Beard & Mustache Trimmer

Go in and get it with this good-value, no-fiddle beard trimmer.

Ease of use and simple set up is a great choice for first-time trimmers, or for those who like to keep life classic and low maintenance.

It is a corded device that plugs into the wall for use, so there is no worry about running out of power mid-shave.

It comes with three all-purpose combs in the set, plus five-position adjustable comb, and two jawline combs to provide enough variety.

Stainless steel blades are easy to remove and clean. This trimmer from Connor Mann keeps it simple, takes it back to basics, and works with minimal fuss.

14. Philips Norelco OneBlade Face

An innovative design, the Philips Norelco OneBlade looks like a disposable razor, but more like a full-size electric beard trimmer.

You can use it wet or dry, with foam, without foam, and even in the shower.

Cordless operation adds to this versatility. Enjoy an efficient and comfortable beard, with the cutter moving at a speed of 200 times per second.

Like, you can get a close shave and clean edges but use a trimmer without attachment, or use one of four stub crumb to tie different lengths.

It comes with two blades – one for your face, and one for your body.

This means that you can take care of the strongest hair of the body.

The blade needs to be replaced every 4 months, to ensure a consistently effective and safe trimming or shaving experience.

15. Sminiker Professional Waterproof Man’s Grooming Kit

The Sminiker is another 5-in-1 multifunction trimmer kit.

It comes with the classic combo of a hair clipper, hair trimmer, nose trimmer, shaver, and a precision trimmer.

Go for a clean shave, a normal shape-up, or create sharp edges. Look whatever you want, one of the four comb attachments will help you nail it.

The docking station means storage and charging are combined, and a 2-hour charge gives you 60 minutes of continuous use.

Plus, you can take your nails and cuticles to the next level, with a bonus manicure kit included to keep it as tight as your facial hair.

How to Use a Beard Trimmer

In order to get the best results when using your new beard trimmer, we wanted to share with you four tips that we have found useful in our experiences, or those that have been shared by other men during the research of this guide:

1. Dry Beard Works Best

When using a beard trimmer, we found that cutting through dry facial hair is not only quicker but generally delivers much better results.

This is primarily due to the fact that when cutting through a dry beard, all the hairs will be able to easily stand on end and make it much easier for the blade to slice through. When trimming a wet beard, the hairs will easily clog the trimmer.

2. Comb Beard Downwards

Before trimming, comb your beard in a downwards or uniform direction. This will make for a consistent length that will provide uniform results as the beard trimmer makes its way through the hair.

Some beard trimmers may provide a detailing comb for this step; if your beard trimmer didn’t include one, a simple beard comb should suffice.

3. Cut from Long to Short

If you are unsure of what length you want for your beard, it’s important that you cut it in stages. You don’t need to cut the entire beard down all at once.

There are a few ways that you can approach this.

Cut at Once: Simply adjust the settings on your beard trimmer after making a few passes to see how the results look. If everything looks good, then you can simply trim the rest of your beard to that level.

Cut Over a Few Days: If you have a much longer beard and aren’t ready to cut significant length off of it quite yet, try trimming it over a few days.

This way you can get comfortable with a few different lengths without having any regrets.

Plus, if you take too much off, you only will need to wait a week or two in order to get back to the length you wanted.

4. Vary Length Settings for Different Areas

When trimming your beard, you don’t need to cut it all at only one length; instead, you can switch up lengths for different areas.

Many men like to keep their cheeks at a moderate length, chin at a longer length, and then keep it a bit shorter on the neck area to relieve any discomfort or itchiness.

We recommend that you take a minute to look at some beard pics either online or some relevant hashtags on Instagram to get some beard length ideas or approaches.

Beard Trimmer FAQs

Can a beard trimmer trim hair?

Most beard trimmers should not be used to cut hair. The reason is that beard trimmers often rely on a lower-powered motor that will make the hair on the top of your head look choppy.

Secondly, beard trimmers often have much narrower heads designed to navigate the tight contours of your face.

The only exception is if you have a corded barber grade beard trimmer.

These often rely on electromagnetic motors that have a significantly higher stroke per minute rate.

Can a beard trimmer be packed in your carry-on luggage?
According to the TSA, beard trimmers and electric razors can be packed in carry-on or hand luggage in the USA (source).

Can you use a beard trimmer to trim body hair?
Yes, many beard trimmers can be used on other parts of your body including your chest, groin, armpits, or legs.

However, unlike body groomers, beard trimmers have narrower heads which may require several more passes with the device of the area that is being groomed.

Should you decide to use your beard trimmer as a body groomer, you will want to make sure that you use a body groomer attachment comb as they have rounded tips that will reduce the chance of you accidentally poking yourself in sensitive areas.

What beard trimmers do barbers use?
Most barbershops use corded beard trimmers that have much stronger motors (electromagnetic motors) than standard consumer-grade beard trimmers.

Should you be considering a barbershop beard trimmer, it’s worth mentioning that many convenience features may be missing – such as mechanical dials to adjust length settings, lack of any water resistance or waterproofing, and the inability to be used for other purposes (body grooming, ear or nose hair trimming, etc.)

Beard Trimmer vs. Hair Trimmer vs. Electric Shaver

During the course of our research of beard trimmers, we found many men get confused on some of the primary differences between this product and other common grooming tools, including hair trimmers and electric shavers.

Therefore, we wanted to take a quick moment to depict a few of their key differences.

Beard Trimmer
As you saw in our reviews, beard trimmers can come in many different varieties.

From vacuum handles to powerful corded devices – the options are nearly limitless.

When looking at a beard trimmer compared to say a hair trimmer or electric shaver, the most notable will be the head width and length settings.

Beard trimmers are much narrower than hair trimmers and slightly more when compared to electric shavers (specifically foil-based electric shavers).

This is by design as beard trimmers are made to cut the hair around the tight contours of your face (particularly along the mustache area and jawline).

Unlike hair trimmers that have restrictive length settings (based on attachment comb size), nearly all beard trimmers rely on either a mechanical or digital dial to set the length.

Able to be incremented in .5mm steps, beard trimmers are very easy to set a length to compared to a hair trimmer.

Hair Trimmer
Hair trimmers are often much more powerful devices when compared to beard trimmers.

This is because hair trimmers must cut through thick and dense patches of hair effortlessly.

If unable to perform this fundamental task, hair trimmers will pull or break the hair – which, of course, is quite painful.

In addition to the different growth patterns for the hair on top of your head versus facial hair – hair trimmers also need to cover a much wider area (comparatively speaking).

Therefore, they rely on a much wider trimmer head to improve the efficiency of the barber.

Unlike some beard trimmers, hair trimmers are designed for dry use only and never can be taken into a shower or wet environment like a beard trimmer – which restricts their overall use.

Electric Shaver
Electric shavers are significantly different from beard trimmers in many ways with the most obvious being the cutting length setting (or lack thereof).

Unlike beard trimmers that can cut at a range of lengths, electric shavers only cut at one skin-level length.

Coming in either a foil or rotary head, the way that electric shavers cut hair is also fundamentally different.

The most common shared attribute between both of these devices will be their power source (often cordless lithium-ion batteries) and their ability to be easily cleaned by rinsing underwater.

It’s important to note that neither device is a substitute for one another. Instead, a beard trimmer is a substitute for shears whereas an electric shaver is a substitute for a standard cartridge or safety razor.

Our Criteria for Choosing the Best Beard Trimmer

Sifting through all the beard trimmers available on the market today was tough.

However, once we sorted out some of the key features to consider (i.e. cord or cordless, travel lock, ease of use, length settings, etc.) we were able to narrow our list down to only a select few.

We found it best to recommend these beard trimmers based on their intended category instead of listing them out haphazardly like many other online publications.

Therefore, after all the time spent researching, we are confident with our awards for the best beard trimmers of 2020 – and we think you will be happy with them, too!


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