Best Face Masks for Virus Protection [ 2020 Reviews ]

All of you need to check the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC Website) for accurate information about COVID-19 (Coronavirus disease).

Once we enter a hazardous environment that contains highly contagious viruses, a face mask is one of our best defenses against them. Along with other ways of shielding ourselves against the dangerous attack of those evil factors, each person needs to be equipped with an effective faceguard.

In an incredible effort to give all users the most useful buying guides to purchase their best face mask for virus protection, we gather key information to write this article. Hopefully, our attempt will help you find the right device that you need, especially in an urgent situation.

Best Face Mask for Virus Protection Reviews

  1. 3M 8511 Respirator N95

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The first multiple-pack product that we highly recommend for all wearers is the 3M 8511 Respirator N95.

The reliable 3M Safety brand brings to the market the mask that is sold in boxes of 10 or 40 pieces. It is the ideal option if you want to share this protector with family members or your colleagues to keep them safe from various kinds of viruses in the environment.

People can rely on this breathing apparatus to face air hazards since it is approved by the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health for its quality. The product is reported to block around 95 percent of tiny particles in the atmosphere. With the help of this shield, you can stay away from dust, pollen, mold spores, and other dangers while working or going around.

For individuals who need a face shield in a big portion of the day, then this mask is designed for their convenience. I also found that who often utilize this product claim that it is more breathable than any single-use shields that they have owned, even other pieces that come from the same label.

In order to offer people a good seal, the manufacturer does a good job creating the M-shaped nose clip. This feature allows us to adjust the mask freely until it fits perfectly on the bridge of our noses. That is when we can confidently carry on performing without any worry of slipping off incidents.

On purchasing this product, customers are ensured of extreme comfort. Its lightness is one thing that contributes to the good user experience. Secondly, the braided headbands are highly elastic, it does not leave red marks on your ears at the end of the day.

It would be amazing if the brand releases more sizes for this model so that it goes well with anyone who needs protection.
Pros Cons

Multiple-packed masks

Not enough sizes

Good protection for both indoor and outdoor activities


Guaranteed quality


Good seal




Great comfort


Suitable for shielding viruses

The bottom line is this n95 respirator mask is a good partner when you go to a crowded place that can contain bacterias.

2. Unihow Filter Ply Disposable Face Mask

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The next good-quality shield to block the contagious virus for you to consider purchasing is this Unihow Filter Ply Disposable Face Mask.

People who want to be protected from viruses are encouraged to wear medical protectors like this one. With the use of certified material, this product is qualified by the Food and Drug Administration. There should be no doubt from the customers about the blocking ability of these masks.

The economic investment of 50 items per pack will offer us enough resources for a long time of use. Every time you go out, it is best to bring this piece so most of the air particulate can not get into your respiratory system. Its good price is among the reasons why numerous users keep purchasing them for their safety.

Through several filtering layers of the protector, people are still able to breathe in fresh air freely. The success of this maker is producing a thick-enough mask without compromising its breathability. Plus, long hours of work seem to be breezy with this soft and lightweight piece on.

If the current working environment is at a high level of danger, you can wear two or three pieces of this device at the same time. For your information, this action will not suffocate your breath or hinder your work pace.

Compared to the common disposable masks on the market, this apparatus’s design is not very different. Its ear hooks do a great job of providing good security during any performances of doctors and nurses or activities such as cleaning, building, gardening. As a result, people can confidently carry their duties without bothering to adjust or hold it to make the item stay well.

Additionally, the product is for anyone who finds themselves in need of lung protection. Whether you are a cleaner, a farmer, or your career is in medicine, I can guarantee that it is very helpful to wear this type of shield every day at work.

Unfortunately, you might not want to use it with glasses, they might get fogged up more quickly than we desire.
Pros Cons

Good protection

Not compatible with glasses

Certified material and quality


Good breathability


Soft and light


Stay on well


Various applications


Good price

This mask is recommended by numerous users who benefit from the use of its shield against viruses and other particles.

3. 3M Aura Particulate Disposable Respirator 9211

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Here comes your next option for viruses defense of 3M safety masks – the Aura Particulate Disposable Respirator 9211.

The truth is that this established brand hardly disappoints when it comes to providing top-quality protectors. This one-time use respirator is surely not an exception. The piece is labeled as an “N95” mask, which means it is qualified enough to filter up to 95 percent of non-oil based particulate out of the air you take in.

It is hard for other labels in the market to beat the 3M device at extreme comfort. For this, we need to thank the excellent design the product has. With the cool flow valve provided, workers do not have to suffer from irritating heat and moisture building up underneath the respirator. Therefore, performing in the high-temperature condition is not so terrible.

With the view to bringing custom and secure seal for many individuals, the maker customizes the product with braided headbands and flexible nose clip. Due to the convenience of those added features, most of us can enjoy a comfortable and safe workday. The excellent proprietary technology of the brand makes this possible.

This is the mask you go for if you must wear safety goggles while performing. I am happy to figure out that there will be almost no sign of fogging when you choose this type of respirator. Luckily, both protecting pieces can work well in tandem with each other.

The product shows fantastic efficiency in various applications. If your current work is sanding, sweeping, grinding and so on dusty operations, you can trust the piece’s shielding capability. It is also handy when you need to travel to countries with polluted air.

The sad thing is that many customers find the masks are too small for them. The brand should release bigger-sized products to meet the demand of more people.
Pros Cons

Good protection

Small size

Certified quality


Effective mask


Excellent comfort


Work well with glasses


Various uses

In my opinion, the respirator is a good mask to prevent infection that you can rely on.

4. Protect Life Disposable Safety N95 Particulate Respirator Mask

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Here comes another top-recommended product for people who are trying to keep themselves away from dangerous infection. It is the Protect Life Disposable Safety N95 Particulate Respirator Mask.

When the surrounding atmosphere can hold dormant hazards, individuals are advised to wear a respirator both indoors and outdoors. An ideal piece for those situations is this product from the brand Protect Life. It can be with you in different settings of duties such as cleaning, gardening, dusting or manufacturing in the factory.

Workers who are familiar with high-quality faceguards know that they had better opt for the NIOSH-qualified items. That is why many customers can rest assured while wearing this respirator to keep all the iron ore, flour, pollen, tiny solid substances, and dangerous germ away. Furthermore, the double-layer of coating is applied to increase this piece’s durability in extremely challenging set-ups.

The outstanding point of this product is its enables people to communicate well during work time. That means colleagues have no difficulty talking and connecting with each other in the middle of their missions. If your duties require such features, use this one to your advantage.

There is a good chance that your vision will not get blurred when you wear both glasses and this face mask to work. The exhalation valve is responsible for leading the hot air out of this device. As a result, there is less heat and sweat, which normally drives people mad with irritation.

In general, this shield can be seen as a flexible companion. The main reason for that is its good compatibility with other safety tools. Numerous customers are delighted when they find out that the piece can be worn with hard hats, helmets or earplugs.

And do not worry if you have allergies or some breathing issues. This mask is constructed for users to have enough space to breathe. It is also soft enough to not put too much pressure on our cheeks and nose.

Still, the ear straps should be made tougher to last long enough.
Pros Cons

Guaranteed efficiency

Weak straps

Work well in hazardous environments


Good shield


Easy to breathe


Soft and comfortable




Good for allergic people

Overall, this one is a good choice for protection against many types of air hazards.

5. 3M Safety 142-8210PLUS N95

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Another offer from the same well-known brand for you to take a look at – it is the 3M Safety 142-8210PLUS N95.

3M Safety’s products are famous for being extremely long-lasting. This one also lives up to its reputation by staying well-function till the ending moment of your duties. Even in the most difficult circumstances, we can continue working without having to change another facepiece for the best protection.

As a qualified N95 respirator, this item gets its job done when it is successful at filtering out the tiny aerosols and other liquid or vapor hazards existing in the surroundings. It is best to use the product that meets the NIOSH standard like this one. That makes it among the best mask to wear when you are around people who get sick from flu bacteria.

As expected, the guaranteed quality is not being distorted through time. It can keep the original shape of the beginning and embrace perfectly on your face. There is no sign of the device becoming too loose to let the hazards get in. This model is really a fantastic product that indicates excellent toughness.

Additionally, when you purchase the item in bulk, you can save quite an amount of money spent. These boxes are made to be shared when needed. After considering its excellent efficiency and its good price, we can safely say the model is a cost-effective investment.

Another good point is that the mask is breathable enough for us not to feel comfortable all day long. It is noticeably designed to make it easier to breathe. When putting it in comparison with other products, it definitely stands out.

Pros Cons

Excellent comfort

In conclusion, it is a must-have item when you step into a hazardous environment.

Good protection


High quality


Reliable source


Shield you from flu


Fine a fixed shape


Good breathability

However, this one is not so perfect for people with a beard or mustache.

What to Look for When Buying a Face Mask for Virus Protection

In the midst of an urgent situation that requires the optimal protection from face masks, people can be too worried and confused to make the right choice of a safety tool. We sincerely hope you can calmly read the buying guides and decide which product is right for the current circumstance. Obviously, not all respirators in the market can do the trick of keeping you aways from viruses.

Designation and Standard – The first thing you need to pay attention to is the mask’s description. Usually, people should go for the piece that is labeled “N95” to shield them from the attack of infectious diseases. These products are capable of blocking many types of hazards existing in the air from getting into our respiratory system.

It is common to see people wear this faceguard on the road at the moment. Due to the high purification efficiency, people trust this item with their safety. It can filter out up to 95 percent of very small particulates, in both liquid and solid forms. Other than that, toxic vapor and bad scent can hardly get through the filtration layers.

The question is how do you know they can really have enough qualifications to be in charge. That is when you look for the important standard that the respirator meets. It is essential to pick the one that is certified by the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health. This “NIOSH” approval is the most popular proof for a protector’s quality.

Besides those models, people can go for the antiviral facepiece. Those ones are specifically made for the sole purpose of shielding users against dangerous bacteria. They can kill nearly all of the tested flu viruses in less than 5 minutes of direct touch on the surface of those masks. That is why you can see it is commonly used in medical environments.

For such protectors, you can check if it is already passed the international standard of ASTM. We need to be sure if the item is qualified by the well-trusted organizations about its protection capability. It is best if the brands applied their patented antiviral technology to produce their masks.

Use – It depends on the personal demand that people choose different types of respirators. Some people want the product for a specific time, not for frequent use. Others need a solution for the long-term project. You can match your requirement to the feature of the piece to pick a suitable one.

Most of the virus masks on sale are disposable, which means we need to buy them in bulk for daily change. This type of respirator can be seen in a package of 10, 2o, or even pieces. You can consider sharing these items with other people to reduce the total investment. That would be an economical approach.

Those devices will be excellent for everyday wear. It is often lightweight, flat and foldable so people can bring them everywhere they need. The convenience of such a product will shine in emergencies. However, it can be costly if we keep using it for a long time. Plus, throwing away the used ones are often leaving a negative effect on our environment.

Other than that, everyone can opt for reusable devices. These items are the perfect choice if you want a durable product that lasts for a long time. It comes in handy for different protecting purposes over a long course of time.

Comfort and breathability – We can choose comfortable products based on its structure. When you take a look at the piece, pay extra attention to the number of layers it has, the valve system, the material, and other important elements.

Firstly, when you need to perform outside a lot in winter, a thick piece of the protector is what you are looking for. Those masks constructed with 4 layers of fabric will be an incredible option to keep you warm always.

Heat and moisture building up inside is the main reason why many people suffer from suffocation and heavy breathing while performing. The irritation gets worse when the summer comes, high-temperature environments become unbearable to wear facepiece. So individuals had better go for the ones made of sweat-absorbing material.

People will have a good time using the item when it is soft and lightweight enough. Normally, the tough substance will leave red marks on our face at the end of the day. That is why soft material such as silicone is an amazing ingredient to make respirators. Both manufacturers and customers prefer delicate cloth so you can easily find them in the market.

Additionally, The valve system is another factor that determines a piece’s breathability. It leads our exhaling breath out of the mask, often through the downward way. It will help the fresh and cool air to flow better into the respirator. On top of that, due to this feature, we are able to use goggles without being fogged up badly.

Everyone should keep in mind that they mustn’t choose the one that suffocates your lungs after long hours of working. It can do more harm than good to us, and of course, slow down our work pace. In conclusion, settling for an uncomfortable shield is never a good choice.

Fit and size – The fitment of one mask can be affected by several factors. The best thing you can do is to pick the adjustable one. Stretchy ear hooks and head straps will be an excellent choice to keep the device firmly on our face. We can afford to have the mask falling off while being in the zone of a hazard environment.

The adjustable nose clip is another thing that will offer us a good seal through time. This part can be made of different materials. Some manufacturers use metal to form the piece, while others opt for a sponge for better softness. Overall, the important thing is that it has to embrace the bridge of our noses nicely.

For disposable masks, it is likely that you will encounter the one which is labeled “one size fits all”. It would be best if you were extra careful when deciding to purchase these pieces. They often go well with people who have a medium-sized face. Also, not all sizing chart is the same, so try to do the right measurement of your face figure and read the review carefully.

For some models, it will be very hard for it to fit around a big beard and mustache. If your face has such a distinct feature, it is vital to pick the one that can cover tightly. You might have to ask for advice from the seller to make the best decision.

Price and style – The thing is the mask with a filtration system that meets a certain standard will be more expensive than the usual facepiece. That is why you should consider several choices to make the best purchasing decision. Normally, products from well-known brands will be more costly, and of course, more reliable.

The style of your device is not so important, but you can choose some multiple-pack items with many colors. It will be a refreshing change for each day you go out. As usual, the low-profile pieces that are colored blue and white will be more common. If you are fans of simple design like those ones, there are lots of suitable devices for you out there.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this for?

These masks for virus protection are made to shield users from many types of dangers existing in the air. Numerous customers can make use of the devices in their daily lives as well as their work.

First of all, people who work in hospitals, doctors, and nurses, in particular, need to be geared with this kind of protection. These respirators will do a good job of filtering out bad scents, medicine smell and some kinds of viruses so they can not get into those employee’s systems. Also, cleaners and other people who enter the hospital should wear the same masks.

Furthermore, there are patients and their family members who visit them, and all of those individuals should be using the best mask for virus protection, too. It is also an essential device for parents who take care of their kids at home.

People who are healthy and well can prevent themselves from inhaling dangerous substances can should the mask. Such a protector is highly in demand when there is a widespread infectious disease happening in your neighborhood.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of using a face mask for virus protection?

When you read the instruction on how not to get a virus through your breathing system, a face mask is always among the effective options. It can protect you against many kinds of hazards, therefore creating a fresh atmosphere to work and live in. Once people are equipped with a good safety mask, their performance efficiency is remarkably improved.

The disadvantages can appear when you purchase the wrong kinds of respirators. It will be significantly harmful to your health. Not wearing the mask in the correct way will give dangerous bacteria, tiny particulates, and many other things to come into your respiratory tracts.

How to use it?

It is not hard at all to wear a face mask right. You should always check for defects first before putting them on. If the piece is okay, it is time to fit it on your face. The ear hooks, or in some cases – the headbands, should be adjusted to hold tightly to our heads. The nose clip has to be at the top of the respirator. People should never wear it upside down or inside out.

Where to buy?

Drug stores are the places that sell this type of masks for users. You can see it in almost every said shop. If the local stores in your neighborhood do not have the pieces that meet the quality standard, going online shopping is a practical alternative. All you need to do is to find a reliable website and well-read instructions and reviews, really carefully.

What is the warranty policy?

For each company, the warranty policy is different. If you want the exact details, the right thing to do is seeking help from sellers or the customer service of the brand. After having adequate information about the guarantee, you can now decide what to do with it.

How to care and store?

You should check your reusable masks for any holes, damages, and dirt after everyday use. Seeking the information for care for the piece is the first thing to do when you want to clean it. For the new disposable respirators, people should put them in the box and store the whole set in a dry and clean place.

Can face mask prevent the coronaviruses?

This type of respirator might not be able to shield you entirely from the CoVid19 disease. However, it is among the best ways for us to defend ourselves against the virus. We should clean our hands with sanitizer along with wearing the right type of mask. Plus, try your best not to go to crowded places.


There are many kinds of air hazards threatening to harm our immune system and attack our respiratory tracts. That is why having the best face mask for virus protection is what all of us need.

You should and must follow all detail instructions for good respiratory and hand hygiene practices from WTO, wearing a facepiece is only helpful if it’s in high-quality that able to protect you from the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) . We truly hope everyone can be safe and healthy to overcome the current situation.


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