Best Protein Powders for Men


Protein powder has been a convenient and often tasty way for people to increase their protein intake for a long time.

Research shows that the recommended daily allowance for proteins (RDA) is insufficient to build muscle and adapt to fat loss.

However, all protein powders do not support these goals equally.

Here are best protein powders for men.

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Whey Protein

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Whey protein is one of the most popular protein products on the market.

It is a milk-based protein that is digested by your body quickly and easily absorbed, making it the right choice around your workout.

Whey protein is considered a full protein because it contains all the nine essential amino acids needed for optimum health.

This amino acid is particularly high in leucine, which triggers the processes involved in building muscle in your body.

Due to its high leucine content and quick digestion, whey protein increases the protein synthesis of the muscles – the process by which your muscles grow – other types of proteins, especially more than casein and soy.

Many meta-analyses show that whey protein dose increases muscle size and strength when combined with resistance training.

Whey protein also promotes feelings of fullness, which can help you lose fat by eating less all day long.

In addition, whey protein reduces the loss of lean muscle during calorie restriction, especially when combined with exercise.

This is important because when you do a diet, your body goes to lean muscles as well as to lose body fat.

Dymatize Nutrition makes a great product that packs up to 25 grams of high-quality whey protein per scoop.

Casein Protein

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Like whey, casein is a milk-based protein that contains all the essential amino acids in your body. However, your body makes the casein considerably slower than the fast-digested whey protein.

The reason for this is that casein makes curd in your stomach once it comes in contact with stomach acids. These yogurts are not easily separated and take more time to digest and absorb your body.

But because your body slowly absorbs the casein protein, it provides your muscles with a steady supply of amino acids in the long term – usually between five and seven hours.

While the casein does not increase the muscle protein synthesis similar to protein whey, continuous supply of amino acids helps in the breakdown of muscles and supports protein synthesis of muscles for a long time.

This casein makes protein particularly useful for promoting muscle growth during fasting, for example before bedtime or between meals.

Studies in men show that before consuming 20-30 grams of casein protein reduces muscle breakdown and supports the formation of muscles.

And because aging is associated with the loss of muscles, the elderly male can especially benefit from the muscle-preservation effects of casein protein.

Here is a quality casein powder by optimum nutrition which provides 60% of your daily calcium needs.

Whey-Casein Blend

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The whey and casein protein powders contain whey and casein protein powder that has fast and slow digestive properties.

With a whey-casein mixture, you get the best of both worlds: a spike in the protein synthesis of muscles from fast-absorbing whey and a long-term reduction in muscle breakdown with casein gradually.

In one study, the remaining 16 men drank 20 grams of whey protein mixture or 20 grams whey-casein protein mixture.

The researchers found muscle samples two hours before consuming and several hours later, and found no difference between the two groups in the protein synthesis of the muscles, suggesting that the whey protein is as effective as the rest during restoring the mixture.

However, it is not clear that the protein mixture is effective as a whey protein in order to increase protein synthesis around exercise.

In a ten-week study, 68 men received a similar amount of whey-casein protein mixture or casein protein, while the lower body was passing through resistance training.

The results showed that those consuming whey-casein mixtures feel less muscular fatigue compared to the casein group. Nevertheless, there was no difference in the size or strength of the muscles between the two groups.

The percentage of proteins from whey and casein varies between products on the market. More often than not, whey-casein blends have more whey than casein.

For example, this whey-casein mixture of Dymatize Nutrition contains 75% whey and 25% casein protein per scoop, whereas EAS Sports Nutrition does not list this product percentage.

Soy Protein

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Soy protein is one of the most common plant-based protein powders on the market.

While this is a complete protein, it is less in some major amino acids needed for muscle building.

Many studies in men have compared the effects of soy protein to whey or casein to increase the protein synthesis of muscles.

Although whey and canine are better governed, soy can still stimulate the protein synthesis of the muscles, which can make it a good plant-based alternative for men who follow a vegetarian diet or who do not consume dairy We do.

However, soy protein contains compounds called phytoestrogens.

These compounds are considered for lower levels of testosterone, which avoid soy proteins to frighten many men that they will compromise their hard work at the gym.

Despite this, most of the evidence suggests that men can safely consume soy protein in moderation without reducing their testosterone level.

This product of Now Sports has 25 grams of vanilla-flavored soy protein per scoop. GNC makes an unaffected soy protein product ideal for adding baking or smoothing.

Pea Protein

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Like milk protein, the pea protein contains all the essential amino acids, making it a complete protein.

However, compared to the pea protein, there is a better amino acid profile in milk proteins to increase muscular size and strength.

Despite this, pea protein powder is one of the best plant-based alternatives for men who are vegetarian or have an intolerance or sensitivity to milk protein.

Twenty-three men were found three times per week under the upper-body resistance training, with a rest day between each session in a 12-week study that pea protein led to similar benefits in muscular size and strength as a whey protein. Done

These results show that pea protein is a good plant-based alternative to milk-based protein for the formation of muscles and strength.

Both nude nutrition and now play provide a high protein, low-carbon pea protein powder.

Rice Protein

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Rice protein is another plant-based alternative to milk-based protein.

Despite being low in some essential amino acids, rice protein can still help you in the formation of muscles.

In a study of 24 men, researchers examined the effects of rice protein or whey protein on muscle recovery and body structure.

Men completed a full-body exercise three times a week for eight weeks. After every exercise session, men immediately consumed rice or whey protein drinks.

At the end of the study, men consuming whey protein drink received 7.04 pounds (3.2 kg) of lean body, while men drinking rice protein received 5.5 pounds (2.5 kg).

Whey Protein Group also increased its strength compared to the rice protein group.

Although there was no placebo group in this study, it suggests that whey is not better than protein, rice protein can still help you to gain muscle size and strength.

Similar to pea protein powder, nutrition, and now the game creates a high-quality rice protein.

The Bottom Line

With the abundance of protein powder on the market, you might be wondering which one is best for you.

If you can tolerate dairy, then whey, casein, and whey-casein are the best choice for losing fat and getting muscles.

However, if you can not tolerate dairy or if you follow a vegetarian diet, plant-based proteins like soy, peas, and rice are the best protein sources.

For best results, ensure adequate protein intake throughout the day and exercise at least three times per week.

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