Best Women’s Watches Under $14 in USA


An essential thing, which helps in tracking the time of almost every woman, the watch is the utmost accessory in her life. No matter for a housewife or a professional lady, the watches play an important role, and hence, we have bought you with the top women watch brands under $14.00 in USA 2019 to 2020. Take a view over them.


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This is an Italian brand or moreover, an Italian retail company, which deals in clothing and accessories and men, women and kids, all, are mad about them. Well, here we are talking about the Diesel watches for women under $14.00 and the Diesel fits it with its chronograph models. Some of you might even think that why this brand is kept on the number ten, then I would include that no matter the brand is good, but is a little less affordable with a very few ranges. Otherwise, the brand will amaze you with great designs and features.


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We have this brand, which is a subsidiary of Sonata, and the most loved one among the women. It is admired for its beauty and elegance, which it imparts when wore on wrists. It caters to the generation and hence, no matter women are from the same family but from the preceding generation, everyone would get her piece of the pie. The current admiration is the Super Fibre Watches that are youth-centric. They are the best fit for $14.00 onwards.


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No women would say that they do not know the Titan- in fact; they would say that they admire the sleek designs from Titan. And therefore, this watch manufacturer is on number 8. In fact, if you do not know, then Fastrack and Sonata are its own subsidiary. Their famous models among the USA women are Aqua, Raga, Diva, Octaneand Insignia. The best part is that they also have models for $14.00 below.


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A slightly famous from its own original brand, Fastrack watches are also best to buy under $14.00 and is an urban-centric brand. The brand has highly unique and affordable models to spend money on and best for those who have less pocket money but have a girlfriend who loves wearing watches. Some of its famous models are Fastrack BEACH, FastrackTeeVirus, etc.


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Digital watches are the genre of the Timex for which they are the best manufacturer. It is an American brand, which is known for its designs and features that are timeless and have the aura to attract every single eye. The watches endorse German engineering and have a Quartz collection, which is quality-oriented. So, wear the chronographic, night-light, and fly-back collections and get attractions only under $14.00 Their famous models are Timex Classics B300, Timex fashion J403, etc.


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Maxima is the brand name for the designer watches in the affordable range even it is $14.00The brand always goes with the quality not the quantity of the price. Therefore, they are at number 5 with more than million watch lovers mainly the women. Their uber class models are Attiva, Analog Gold, etc.


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Most widely preferred by USA, the Casio watches are also one of the women’s favorite. Being one of the most trusted brands, Casio is finding the solace in serving the passion of women of wearing the watches, that too within the affordable price range of $14.00-. Their Analog, Digital, Analog-Digital, and Smartwatches are the most bought ones.


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Dealing mainly in the Quartz collection, the brand has also got a promotional growth in wristwatches too with a many of Analog and Digital collections for women. The brand’s paramount quality, design, and working are the base for its popularity, which is endowing mass customers to the brand. The famous models under $14.00 can also be bought.


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Swatch is a Swiss brand, which has got recognition in the USA market and has gained fame and earned trust because of its quality and technical solace. The best feature, which makes it stand on number 2, is affordability, which is the biggest issue of many. Therefore, women can have watches from $14.00 for formal and casual wear both.


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Finally, the winner of the number 1st position, the epitome technology holder, and manufacturer of attractive design and quality are Omega. This is the brand, which has a many of masterpieces under $14.00 for women, that too both for casual and for formal. The best part of the company is that they manufacture the Zero gravity watches too.

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