Fever Patrol Review 2021 – Best No-Touch Thermometer


Fever Patrol Reviews: Are you bothered by the sanitary aspects of reusing the same thermometer again and again?

It is a proven fact that diseases can easily travel between people if you do not clean a generic thermometer well enough.

Continue with our Fever Patrol review to know how this no-touch Thermometer can benefit you.

Or should you really buy it or not? This handy tool is one of the better things to happen to the medical industry.

Making the most of infrared technologies, Fever Patrol does not need to be in contact to take accurate temperatures.

Not just of people, with this device you can even measure the temperature of food, bath water, room temperature and so much more.

If you have kids and are super conscious of their safety, Fever Patrol is a must-have in your medical supplies.

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What is Fever Patrol?

Fever Patrol is the best digital infrared thermometer on the market, with its no-nonsense digital display.

Just point the thermometer and it will instantly display both internal and external temperatures.

It is one of the best things to happen to medical facilities available to the general consumer.

This non-contact thermometer is faster, more accurate, and a much safer way to take temperatures.

Holding it to your head, the Fever Patrol, using its infrared sensors will automatically take your temperature and display it with highly accurate results and in no time at all.

This digital contactless thermometer can ever read temperatures of food, the environment, and even bath water.

With its incredible design, Fever Patrol is incredibly portable, easy to use, and has multiple uses.

The no-touch feature is top of the class and is a relief to germaphobes and sanitation concerned mothers alike.

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Features of Fever Patrol

To begin with, Fever Patrol is incredibly fast, accurate, and safe to use.

The no-contact feature is its primary selling point, and if you are a germaphobe or a concerned parent, this device is definitely for you.

Checking for temperatures has never been this easy and safe.

  • No-Contact Feature promotes zero spreading’s of germs while taking temperatures. Used best in the flu season, where contagious diseases can spread rapidly.
  • You can even take readings of food, bathwater, and even room temperatures. The exceptionally high precision device uses infrared to accurately measure temperatures without any fluctuations.
  • Auto shut down and one-click wakes up features save battery life.
  • Calibration feature built-in for even higher accuracy.
  • Fever alarm also built-in, which triggers when temperatures are over 37.8 C or 100.4 F.
  • Extremely portable and can be carried anywhere you go.
  • A digital display for perfectly accurate readings.
  • Ability to store 64 readings, so you can track the fever as it goes up or reduces.

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How Does Fever Patrol Work?

In our Fever Patrol review, we will walk you through the complete process of its working.

Fever Patrol is an effective piece of technology that uses infrared waves to detect body heat, providing you with accurate readings without any contact.

It also provides readings to water, foods, and even room temperatures.

To make it work, simply select the subject, body, or object mode as specified on the device, hold the sensor above the subject and hold down on the button. In no time the digital display with bring up the accurate temperature reading with a color code to add to the specificity.

You can store up to 64 temperatures, so even tracking fever is easier with the Fever Patrol.

Being contact-less the device is 100% safe to use and there is absolutely no chance of spreading diseases while checking for one, which can be the case with traditional thermometers.

It comes with the convenience of taking temperatures even in sleep, therefore there is no compromising even with their comfort.

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How to Use Fever Patrol?

A fairly simple device to make use of, Fever Patrol is accurate and incredibly handy to have in your in-house medical supplies.

Here is a step-by-step guide as to how to use Fever Patrol to its full potential.

  1. Insert two batteries into the device
  2. Turn on the device
  3. Specified in the device, select your subject (Body temperature, object temperature or room temperature)
  4. Select the unit of measure (Fahrenheit or Celsius) using the button on the right side
  5. Hold the sensor (in the front) to the subject and hold the central button
  6. In no time Fever Patrol will have an accurate temperature reading
  7. Store current reading for reference to track fever growth or fall according to later readings

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Why Do You Need Fever Patrol?

Since we all must take our temperatures or others in our family at some point in time, basic thermometers are not going to make a cut anymore.

The sanitation aspects of contact thermometers have always been a concern and can even transfer viruses between people as it is used again and again.

Fever Patrol is a no-contact thermometer where you can easily, and with incredible accuracy, take temperatures without touching the body or the mouth, as generic thermometers need to do.

Doctors suggest having a Fever Patrol thermometer in every home pharmacy.

It does not need to be disinfected after use, is fairly easy to take temperatures with, and provides reliable readings.

Children, especially, despise having their temperatures taken the conventional way, well Fever Patrol makes it incredibly easy to do that, without spreading any germs in the process.

It comes with an alarm that signifies high temperature too. Along with that, you can also check your baby’s bath water temperature and food temperature to make sure everything is in order and safe to use.

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Who is Fever Patrol For?

If you are a germaphobe or a concerned parent, it is a must to keep Fever Patrol with your in-house medical supplies.

Since contact thermometers need to be cleaned after each use, if not done properly, they can house a ton of germs and bacteria.

Fever Patrol gets rid of this by being able to take accurate readings without having to touch the subject, negating any spread of bacteria.

One of the best medical devices available in the market, Fever Patrol will not only help you measure fever but also give you the most accurate reading while being totally safe to use.

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Why is Fever Patrol Better?

We are about to finish our Fever Patrol review based on hours of research, so we would the best one you can trust on this.

Traditional thermometers can hold bacteria for weeks after use.

If you did not disinfect it, you may cause the unnecessary spread of germs while taking other’s temperatures.

The primary feature point of the Fever Patrol is its infrared sensor.

The zero-contact ability to take readings is an innovation in the medical field.

There is no need to have the Fever Patrol touch any body part to take readings, which in the traditional thermometer meant unnecessary spreading of germs and viruses.

There is no need for maintenance with the Fever Patrol and is incredibly simple to use.

The digital sensor allows for accurate readings to even be noted down for future reference.

The user-friendly nature of the device ensures you do not have to fiddle around with it to make sure you have the correct readings.

It is 100% safe to use and can be used multiple times on multiple people with highly accurate results.

It is also highly convenient to take temperatures of your child since they are especially prone to disliking traditional thermometers.

The point-and-shoot nature of the Fever Patrol makes it usable to even the younger class of people with ease and accuracy.

You do not even have to worry about disinfecting the device after every use, as is the case with generic thermometers.

The Fever Patrol essentially takes away all the inconvenience of taking temperature readings with its no-contact, digital and accurate features.

The ability to store these readings is an added bonus as now you will be able to track the temperatures as they either subside to get higher.

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Fever Patrol User Reviews

Where Can I Buy Fever Patrol?

Fever Patrol can be easily found on their official website.

The official website offers discounts as well as a satisfaction guarantee.

If you are not happy with the product in under 30 days of use, you can have your money back.

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FAQ’s (Frequently asked questions)

  • How to track fever using Fever patrol?

Fever Patrol comes with the ability to store readings as you measure them to figure out if the fever is rising or decreasing.

It can track up to 64 readings from a single person.

You can use previous readings to track the recovery of a patient.

  • How fast does Fever Patrol read temperatures?

Fever Patrol is almost instantaneous in reading temperatures.

As soon as you hit the primary, central button whilst focusing on the subject, Fever Patrol will take accurate readings in under a second.

  • How accurate is Fever Patrol?

Since the display on the Fever Patrol is digital and the sensor comes incredibly tight and functional, the device will give you an exact reading, accurate to about two decimal points.

You do not have to worry at all about any inaccuracies with Fever Patrol.

  • Is Fever Patrol legit?

Formerly used by actual medical staff and doctors, the no contact thermometers are now available to the general public at their behest.

A huge upgrade from our usual, generic contact thermometers, Fever Patrol is a much-needed device in every household.

It can easily prevent the spread of diseases while giving you the ability to monitor the rise and fall of a patient’s fever levels.

  • How much does Fever patrol cost?

Fever Patrol is available at the offer price of just $107.66

$69.98 You can buy it from the official website.

  • Why do you need Fever Patrol?

When it comes to reading the temperatures of people suffering from fever, we usually use the generic thermometer that can easily spread germs if not properly cleaned.

Fever Patrol gets rid of this problem by taking accurate readings without having to touch the patient at all.

The infrared sensor is powerful and incredibly accurate.

Simply pointing at the subject will display its temperature within a second.

Not only that, but you can even measure the temperature of baby food and bathwater to make sure you do not get into any unnecessary accidents.

  • What are the advantages of no-touch thermometers?

No-touch or no-contact thermometers are really useful while taking temperatures.

As you already know, generic thermometers either have to be put in the patient’s mouth or underarms to take proper readings which can easily let bacteria travel from one user to the other.

No-contact thermometers, like the Fever Patrol, are made with this exact theory in mind.

If there is no contact between the patient and the thermometer while taking readings, there will be no spread of germs or bacteria at all.

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Final Verdict

The cost-effective Fever Patrol is a must-have in every home pharmacy.

The no-contact feature alone makes it a desirable product. But with that, you get a wealth of other features to go with.

It is incredibly accurate with its readings, reliable, fast, and user-friendly.

The Fever Patrol will be a welcome addition to your med-kit as it promotes a healthier and smarter lifestyle.

We highly recommend you invest in a Fever Patrol to avoid any unnecessary spread of germs that can cause harm to you and your family.

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