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September 19, 2018

In the time period of computer programme optimization, there was very little tutorial literature on the topic and far of the knowledge that did exist wasn’t verified.

Matt Cutts shined a light-weight on the planet of SEO and centered on a way to improve the user expertise. Matt Cutts’ name became the herald for our business.

His honesty, openness, and transparency influenced a replacement generation of search marketers to share, collaborate, and improve the net for all. His experience and influence helped Pine Tree State learn and with this, I’m very grateful for all that he has given to the search community.

September 18, 2018

When Matt was head of the spam team at Google, I turned during a ton of attainable programme spam. I might even show however the spam was done…even though I am positive Matt & his team might figure it out.

Well, Matt created Maine a Google Spam Deputy as a result of I used to be diligent. He even showed a slide with my name thereon at one or a pair of conferences.

Some SEO execs won’t like that I will still be a Spam Deputy. nobody likes unhealthy or inaccurate search results…especially once buying your Mom’s & Dad’s birthdays…or for loveable nieces & nephews. programme spam is awful throughout fragile times, like the loss of a lover.

Then I learned that Matt & I attended graduate-level LIS (Library Sciences) programs at regarding identical time. Of course, we’re each info scientists. thus was a pricey colleague, Eric Ward. nice minds…

Matt’s a form, smart man. I believe we have a tendency to square measure all lucky to possess him as a colleague & friend.

September 17, 2018

A few years back (June 2014) I used to be chairman of a 17-year recent national noncommercial. Google had simply discharged associate degree algorithmic rule (penguin I think) that known our website as a sender and effectively shut the United States off (obviously not virtually, however it positive felt that way). we tend to weigh our choices (which enclosed having our board go picket Google military installation – true, not all nice ideas, however, we tend to be desperate).

Our internet person aforesaid, “hey, Matt Cutts is speaking at the SMX Advanced conference in the port of entry, if anybody might facilitate the United States, he could”. 2 days later we’re in the port of entry trying to find this elusive ‘Google Rockstar’ guy. everybody telling American state “there’s no method you may ever get to him”, “he’ll ne’er sit down with you”, etc.

Long story short, he was kind enough to let American state introduce myself and after I told him of our plight, he did not hesitate and aforesaid he would have somebody check up on it – next morning I had a tweet from Matt not solely characteristic the problems, however, providing the solution! {a we tend toek|every week|per week} later we were copy and running!

That was one in all the most effective samples of grace and generosity I actually have ever practiced, many thanks once more, Matt, you are a category act!

September 16, 2018

Do you keep in mind once the Adwords team unrolled the disreputable “Forget SEO, for ranking in Google nowadays, strive AdWords” back in 2011?

I commit it to memory fine, as a result of – once discovering that ad due to a tweet by cuckoo Lopez – I wrote a raging post on my very own website.

Albeit I used to be seriously involved that Google was permitting an advertisement therefore brazenly against a complete trade of execs, at the identical time, however, I used to be convinced that my post would have remained even as the classic rant isolated and eventually shared by another umbrageous SEO.

As I wrote my post late within the night, I visited sleep.

The morning once my surprise was Brobdingnagian once, whereas checking my Twitter, I saw all the tweets sharing and commenting on my post. And my surprise was massive once – amongst them – I saw a tweet by Matt asking Pine Tree State to approve a comment he left to my post.

What did happen? we have a tendency to might decision it: “Time zone jokes”… it had been morning within the geographic region once I hit publish, and it happened that my post went microorganism, such a lot that Matt felt the requirement to he felt the requirement to intervene and to raise those of Adword to alter the tone of that announcement.

A small gesture, we are able to assume … and, basically, the total theme might be thought of because the classic “SEO Drama”, that several different episodes have had over the years.

Still, that gesture by Matt Cutts gave the impression to Pine Tree State the clearest proof of his real interest in the U.S.A. SEO.

Ah! And afterward, AdWords ne’er free an identical ad once more.

September 15, 2018

Matt Cutts may be a peach! He very cares concerning the limited guys!

I’ve been a retailer/developer/evangelist for the Yahoo! Store platform since 1997 (before it had been Yahoo! Store).

Back in 2011, I used to be off the grid for every week chasing lizards within the jungles of Dominica. No mobile nor local area network for every week was heavenly, however, after we got into the airfield my phone started reproval with texts and emails concerning this new Google update. PANDA!

A few retailers on the platform were obtaining beat for skinny content, and duplicate product content in their searching feeds, however, to feature a heavy wrinkle to the matter, there was a heavy drawback with (what I believe were) platform-wide 301s.

25,000 domains were somehow obtaining confused with

The problem showed in Webmaster Tools wherever each STORE showed overlapping backlinks, and a few stores with identical page names would have snippets from alternative stores showing within the SERPS.

Retailers were FREAKING OUT!

The Yahoo! Store PM reached resolute ME hoping I might decision somebody at The Google. fortuitously, I kind of knew Matt from a number of search shows, thus I reached out.

Not solely did he QUICKLY facilitate diagnose the matter, however, he conjointly hooked my contact at Yahoo! with the Googler answerable of Webmaster tools and that they hashed out an answer.

Retailers WHO were freaking out thinking the Yahoo! 301 hiccup was inflicting the results from Panda might sleep easier knowing something PANDA connected was with their content, not the platform.

Every alternative time I reached out on behalf of my distributor peeps, Matt was awful concerning responding and serving to the US realize an answer.

Many, several because of man. Matt Cutts!


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