iTrack GPS Car Tracker Review: Does iTrack GPS Car Tracker Really Work? Read Our Report


If you own one or more personal cars or operate a fleet of vehicles for a company, you must ensure that your valuable investment is properly protected at all times.

The new vehicle GPS trackers enable you to know many important data related to your car or fleet, not just the venue, thanks to advancements in car tracking technology over the last few years.

The cutting-edge iTrack GPS Car Tracker boasts a slew of advanced features, but does it work?

From our special, impartial review, you’ll get all the information you need.

What Is iTrack GPS Car Tracker?

The iTrack GPS car tracker is a cutting-edge onboard diagnostic (OBD) vehicle tracking system that was designed with multi-functionality and flexibility in mind.

It’s packed with high-tech features like real-time path, itinerary, and car position tracking, speed monitoring, instant warning, and more, all of which give you the most up-to-date vehicle information for your peace of mind.

You’ll have real-time access to your car/fleet data with iTrack, so you can rest assured that your investment is safe at all times.

The iTrack device simply plugs into your vehicle’s diagnostic port, and all real-time data is accurately and securely accessible on your smartphone.

All you need is a data-enabled SIM card, and then all you have to do is download the free GPS car tracking app from Google Play or the App Store, build an account, and link your smartphone to the app.

This cutting-edge tracking technology is compatible with any vehicle manufactured after 1996.

If your car is stolen or taken without your permission, using the iTrack device to track its position has never been easier or faster.

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Why Do I Need iTrack GPS Car Tracker?

For their own good, any car or fleet owner should consider installing the cutting-edge iTrack vehicle GPS tracking device.

By allowing access to real-time secure data, this intelligent GPS car tracker is designed to take the protection of your car or fleet to the next level.

It also gives you access to historical data, such as your vehicle’s path, speed, and exits, as well as the actions of the driver, which is critical for fleet management.

As a result, as a fleet owner, you’ll be able to spot potential problems ahead of time and even measure fuel usage per car, allowing you to save money and boost efficiency.

Furthermore, you can enjoy additional benefits such as better customer support and workforce management, safer driving, and increased vehicle protection, all of which can result in substantial car insurance savings.

You will be able to sleep easier at night knowing that the iTrack GPS car tracker has your car’s location and protection protected perfectly in the event of a robbery.

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iTrack GPS Car Tracker Main Features and Advantages

  • iTrack puts vehicle protection and tracking at your fingertips, allowing you to know where your car/fleet is in real time for peace of mind.
  • iTrack is a one-size-fits-all unit that is simple to mount in your car’s diagnostic port, works with Android and iPhone, and is compatible with all vehicles manufactured after 1996.
  • Track the location of your car in real-time (if it has been stolen/borrowed/moved from its parking spot) and control your driving patterns/habits.
  • Sleep soundly knowing that iTrack is monitoring your car’s protection and that you’ll be notified immediately if it moves without your permission.
  • iTrack is dependable, discrete, low-cost, and flexible, delivering real-time data and stats in the palm of your hand, including itinerary, speed, and driver actions.
  • iTrack helps fleet owners boost efficiency, customer support, administration, and staff management while lowering costs and insurance premiums.

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iTrack GPS Car Tracker Rating and Recommendation

We put iTrack to the test to see if it really works and makes a difference in terms of vehicle safety, location, and protection in real-time.
For our test, we simply plugged the advanced iTrack GPS car tracker into the onboard diagnostic port of our editors’ vehicles, linked the system to a free app, and then proceeded to “steal” their cars (for test purposes only).
Our editors had to use the iTrack system to track down their vehicles, which were driven to various locations both within and outside the city, without disclosing their location.
To their delight, all of the editors who took part in our test were able to use this revolutionary technology to find their “stolen” cars in real-time on their smartphones.
They could also see their car’s path, pace, and driver conduct, which gave them peace of mind.
As a result, we strongly advise any discerning car or fleet owner who wants to ensure the protection of their vehicle(s) at all times to use the OBD iTrack device.

iTrack GPS Car Tracker Reviews

iTrack is a life-changing system that reliably keeps track of your vehicle, according to both consumer and expert reviews of this sophisticated car GPS tracking device.

It is said to be useful if you park your car out of sight or forget where you parked it, if you often share your car with friends/family members or if they borrow it without your knowledge, and, of course, in the event of car theft.

Furthermore, fleet owners say that iTrack is a very reliable and cost-effective solution for their company vehicles.

Their drivers are more profitable, and their insurance provider offers significant discounts to them.

It also gives new driver parents peace of mind by allowing them to see where their children are in real-time as well as their route history.

Where Can I Order iTrack GPS Car Tracker?

You can order the high-tech iTrack GPS car tracker directly from the manufacturer’s official website if you never want to worry about the protection of your car or vehicle again.

Customers will get a whopping 50% discount and free shipping on any order, as well as other exclusive, awesome offers, for a limited time only.

The wildly famous “Buy 3, Get 2 iTrack Free!” package, the best-value “Buy 4, Get 3 iTrack Free!” package, which is recommended for fleet owners, and the best-selling “Buy 2, Get 1 Free” package are among them.

All of the gadgets in each of these are individually packed, making it simple to give them as gifts to family and friends.

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Supplier of the Product

Hyper Sls, an expert in this area of technology, provides the intelligent iTrack GPS car tracking system.
If you have any questions or would like more information about iTrack, please contact their dedicated customer service team by email at or by phone at +44 20 3808 9234, which is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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