LightSafeX Review [2021]: Don’t Buy Until You’ve Read This


LightSafeX Review: One of the most valuable items to have, particularly when trekking or camping, is a powerful flashlight.

Yes, Swiss knives are popular with outdoor enthusiasts, but they are just as necessary as a flashlight because you won’t be able to use your knife if you don’t have a flashlight to illuminate your surroundings, particularly at night.

What Is A LightSafeX?

The LightSafeX is a multipurpose flashlight that can be used for a variety of tasks.

It can be used as a regular torch, an emergency lamp, a red SOS light, or a strobe light.

Since you can reach the settings on the side of the LightSafeX, switching from one mode to another is easy.

One of the best features of LightSafeX is that it comes with a seat belt slicer or knife in the event of a roadside emergency.

You don’t have to wonder if your handset has to be recharged because it can still be used as a battery bank.

It’s surprising that a flashlight can do so much more than just illuminate the surroundings with all of these capabilities.

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Why Do I Need This LightSafeX?

When it comes to hiking or trekking, the LightSafeX is a must-have unit.

This is due to the battery’s long life, which is due to the fact that it is solar-powered.

This means you can charge it during the day and use it for as long as you need it at night.

The bright light that this flashlight emits is one of the reasons why you need it.

Because of the strobe and red SOS mode, it would be helpful not just while attempting to light the environment, but even throughout emergencies.

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LightSafeX Rating & Recommendations

We want to get to know LightSafeX on our own before deciding whether or not to recommend it.

Yes, it illuminates a completely dark house, but we want to get a better sense of its benefits, so we asked our editors who like being outside to test LightSafeX.

We agreed to split the party into two groups, A and B.

Group A will go hiking and camping, while group B will use LightSafeX in a dark setting.

Group A set out early in the morning for a hike and planned to camp as night fell.

Of course, they made sure to charge their LightSafeX flashlights in the sun throughout the day.

Fortunately, the atmosphere cooperated and the sun shone during the day.

They used LightSafeX during the night and were amazed by how powerful the light is, particularly when the moon isn’t at its brightest.

The spotlight illuminated everything they focused on, and they were also able to cook their meals and eat dinner without difficulty in the dark.

During the day, Group B, on the other side, paid the LightSafeX.

They went to the darkest room in the house at night to make sure there was no light from the outside.

They switched on the spotlight, which instantly illuminated the room.

The only issue that can be seen is that the light is too bright for such a small space.

All of this suggests the LightSafeX has been shown to assist in the illumination of even the darkest spaces.

It also supported group A during the campout because the moon wasn’t shining brightly that night.

This demonstrates the effectiveness of LightSafeX in lighting dark places.

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LightSafeX Features

  • Mount

LightSafeX comes with a magnet mount, allowing you to attach it to a metal surface when necessary.

It may be installed on a garage door, a kitchen whiteboard, a refrigerator door, or somewhere else.

  • Seat Belt Slicer Or Cutter

Don’t fret if you forgot your Swiss knife; the LightSafeX has a seat belt slicer or blade.

You may use it in the event of an emergency or for other outdoor events.

One of the strongest features is that it is sharp enough to see through almost everything.

  • Power Bank

As previously said, the LightSafeX can also serve as a power bank.

If you forget one or don’t have access to a charging outlet, your LightSafeX will save the day.

If you need to, you can charge your phone so you don’t have to think about running out of battery.

  • Light Modes

LightSafeX also has a variety of features that you would undoubtedly need.

It has red SOS, pulse, and strobe modes, so it can be used as an emergency light in addition to the standard model.

It’s safer to carry one at home, in your purse, or in your car so you can use it in an emergency.

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LightSafeX Reviews

We looked for LightSafeX feedback and discovered that, like most brands, it has both positive and negative aspects.

However, the flashlight has received more positive feedback than negative reviews simply because it assisted in illuminating their surroundings.

LightSafeX has received praise not only for its vivid light but also for its versatility.

In my opinion, the LightSafeX blew me away with its multipurpose capabilities.

One of the things I like about it is that it isn’t too bulky, so I can pack it in my bag for a camp without it taking up too much space.

Another feature is the various lamps, which I can use for a variety of purposes.

Last but not least, the power bank is very useful.

My power bank, which can add to the weight of my backpack, is no longer necessary.

Since I can use this flashlight as a battery bank for my mobile.

Where Can I Order LightSafeX?

LightSafeX can be ordered directly from their websites.

They are offering a nearly 50% discount, but it is only for a short period.

LightSafeX also provides free shipping to those locations.

You shouldn’t be concerned about making a payment online because the site uses SSL encryption to shield the card details from theft.

You can pay with a credit card or PayPal, whichever is more convenient for you.

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