Oclean Z1 Smart LED Light Acoustic Wave Electric Toothbrush Review

Oclean has an extensive range of electric toothbrushes in its portfolio. Some of the popular to name are Oclean X, Oclean Air, Oclean SE, and Oclean PW01 electric toothbrush, etc. Now, the brand has come again with the new invention to be the Oclean Z1 Smart Electric Toothbrush. Today, we will conduct a thorough review of the product so learn what users will get in this new pack.
Because of the technical advancements, the electric equipment industry has also witnessed massive growth along. The electric toothbrush market is now busy to welcome new creation quite frequently. Ultimately, we will have a glut and numerous choices to opt for the smarter electric brush in the near future.
Oclean has made admirable efforts in this regard, which we can prove through the Oclean Z1. It is based on the acoustic wave approach and a slew of advanced specifications for the targeted results.
Lets’ have a quick look at the spec-sheet before we engage in the in-depth Oclean Z1 review analysis.

The Oclean Z1 Smart Electric Toothbrush: A Quick Specifications Overview

Electric toothbrushes deliver a myriad of benefits over the traditional toothbrushes. Although these have an expensive price tag but give full value for money. Further, smart brushes are more effective when it comes to removing plaque.
The Oclean Z1 toothbrush carries a great set of features to ensure overall dental health sound. Here are its various features and specifications in detail.

Design and Build

Let’s have some words on the Oclean Z1 design and physical structure first. It comes in a standard physique but combines two separate parts – the brush head and body.

The whole body nurtures the true White color skin to be exquisite feel at the touch. Furthermore, the physique is built of an ABS material to give you a robust and lightweight product experience at all.

The head part is removable and can be changed after a certain period of usage. On the head, it embeds Dupont Tynex Classic 0.152mm filament combing excellent rebound for stable power transmission.

Likewise, the bristles are 3D Wavy, which better fit the curvy teeth and cleans the gaps efficiently.

The lower part concludes the whole mechanism of the product. It comes with inbuilt smart chips and sensors inside along with a power button outside. Near the button, you will get an LED display to cast the real-time battery charging data.

At the bottom, the Z1 toothbrush packs a battery. Similarly, you will receive a separate brush holder in the package. When it comes to the physical measurements, the toothbrush provides 24.35×2.44×2.44 cm dimensions and weighs 94g.


The whole brushing processes revolve around the motor. Oclean has fit the magnetic brushless motor in the toothbrush for generating powerful performance at lower noise.

Moreover, it provides longer life and lasts for about 5000 hours. Hence it is 10 times longer than the ordinary motor. It also embeds Dialog Chipset in the center.

While making 40,000 rpm/min, it works at <45dB noise. Ultimately, users will be definitely satisfied with the overall performance with quality maintenance.

Blind Zone Detection

This is why we call it a smart toothbrush. Unlike an ordinary brush, the Oclean Z1 smart toothbrush installs smart sensors for better oral protection. It brings the ‘Blind Zone Detection’ feature using an inbuilt 6-axis gyroscope. To be more precise, it will prevent your soring and painful areas.

You can analyze your brushing results in the app and develop good brushing habits. The Z1 brush will consider 8 areas to identify the weaker and sensitive sections for special cleaning.

32 Intensity Levels

As the Oclean Z1 smart toothbrush loads innovative techniques, so, it also gives 32 intensity teeth cleaning levels. It provides numerous brushing schemes, many of them are customizable.

Users can choose the best scheme to fit their overall dental health status. So, you can pick the best for comfortable and genuine brushing results.

Moreover, the Z1 smart brush also works on 3 different modes to desired results. You will get Cleaning Mode, Whitening Mode, and Massaging Mode. Data will be accessible via a smartphone app.


No doubt, it could be among the most crucial features of the Oclean Z1 toothbrush. Electronic equipment should be water-resistant to draw longer life and durability.

Oclean drives the IPX7 waterproof rating level for protection against water. It is the level most of the products come with.

You are allowed to wash the brush in the direct water and it will not affect the inside machinery.

AI Low-Frequency Protection

Along with this, the Oclean Z1 ensures AI tooth protection using low-frequency tooth protection mode. The AI feature is specially designed by keeping in view the people with sensitive and loose teeth.

Using this technique, they can clean their teeth in the low-frequency to avoid further damages.


What about power storage? This is the question you must have on your mind. Oclean manages the power transformation through an inbuilt 800 mAh battery. It is placed at the bottom of the brush with a magnetic charging facility.

You will get a magnetic suction metal ring to be quick in charging the power bank. Further, it needs 2 hours for full charging and then delivers around 30 days back up as well.

One thing to note here. The higher intensity level will gradually shorter the battery life.


Well, the Oclean Z1 smart toothbrush hosts an impressive pack of advanced features. But at the same time, it also follows an affordable price range to be available even for people with a lower budget.

Usually, the Oclean Z1 comes with a price tag of $59.96 on both offline and online stores. But now, you an opportunity to get a 33% discount to reduce the price to $39.99. This offer is available through a ‘Flash Sale’ on the Gearbest store.

Need more discount? The first 100 orders will receive a gift worth $9.99. So, rush to the site to claim your gift.

Oclean Z1 Smart LED Light Acoustic Wave Electric Toothbrush Review

You want the best care for your teeth, so you want the best toothbrush and preferably an electric one. But once you’ve bought an electric toothbrush you start noticing that not just the toothbrush is expensive, and also the replacement toothbrushes are. Luckily, the Xiaomi powered brand Oclean releases electric toothbrushes that are affordable, well-features and above all: the replacement brushes are not that expensive. We sometimes review personal care products, and we are interested in what this smart toothbrush has to offer. The Oclean Z1 Smart Electric Toothbrush seems to fill the gap that the major brands leave open. This by offering a decent smart electric toothbrush at an attractive price point and integrated with the Oclean App.

Main Features

  • Magnetic brushless motor: low noise and long service life.
  •  Blind zone detection: Built-in 6-axis gyroscope can identify 8 areas of your oral and detect blind zones.
  • 32 intensity levels: you can choose the best intensity to brush your teeth.
  • German non-metal tufting: provide higher the bristles density and more powerful cleaning efficiency.
  • Easy to operate: combine the features together, simply the steps of operation,
  • Portable size: you can carry it to travel, camping or business trip.
  • IPX7 waterproof and lightweight.
  • Magnetic suction metal ring: 30 days super long standby time and 2 hours for fully charging.
  • Product Quality Assurance
    The product has passed various tests like CE, FCC, FDA and so on
  • About The APP
    Supported languages: Chinese, English, Spanish, Russian, German, French, Italian, Turkish, Polish, Japanese, Korean, Arabic
    Support for iOS 9.0 and above, Android 5.1 and above


  • Chip: Dialog
  • Frequency: 40000rpm/min
  • Twisting Force: 220 gf.cm
  • Features: 3-segement LED display
  • Battery: 800mAh
  • Standby Time: up to 30 days
  • Bristles: DuPont Tynex


According to the product page on Gearbest, the Oclean Z1 smart electric toothbrush is a very personalized smart toothbrush. When you connect your toothbrush to the Oclean App, you can get extra brushing options and can customize your brushing plans. The toothbrush supports 32 intensity levels, which is safe use for more sensitive teeth and dentures. It can identify and monitor 8 areas to thoroughly clean your teeth and help improve your oral health.

This sounds very promising, but in the iOS store the app only has an average rating of one star and the Android version scores 2.6 out of 5 stars. So I am curious about the added value of the app. The brand Oclean is a brand powered by Xiaomi Youpin. Since the products are therefore backed by Xiaomi, this should mean that the product is a Xiaomi Electric Toothbrush and its quality, design and user experience should be pretty good.


The Oclean toothbrush comes double packed in a cardboard outer box and a retail branded inner box. The inner box has some Chinese texts on it but is primary English.

What’s in the box

The package of the Oclean Z1 contains the following items:

  • The Toothbrush
  • One Brush Head
  • A Charging Dock with USB cable (type A)
  • An English Manual and Quick Start Guide.

Build Quality & Design

The Oclean toothbrush feels light (it is 94 grams) but premium. The toothbrush only has one button and it lies very well in your hand (because of the shape, weight, and grip). So no problems here. Placing the brush on the head takes a little bit of force, but removing the brush head from the toothbrush takes a lot of force. Luckily you only need to do this once every three months.

The charging dock (or better: the piece of plastic with an attached USB cable that you need to use to charge the toothbrush) feels a bit cheap and lacks a USB adapter. The base is magnetic but the magnets are not very strong. Because of the size of the dock, placing the toothbrush will result in a setup that is balanced but probably very often will tip over. If you really have to, then you can fix this by using a piece of double-sided tape to fix the dock on the surface.


Using the Oclean Z1

As you probably expected from a toothbrush that is smart, the Oclean Z1 allows you to monitor your brushing and plan the way you take care of your teeth. It even allows you to send reminders and report on how well you brushed. Using the Oclean without the app will limit these functions: you get a well functioning toothbrush with a standard two-minute program.

Charging the Z1 takes about two hours, but I only charged it overnight. A charged battery will last for about 30 days when brushing two times a day. After using the Z1 for 10 days the battery was still on 80%. No hard numbers here, but you can safely bring the toothbrush on a trip without taking the charger with you.

The LED indicator looks very fancy. When charging, the indicator shows the charging status. When using the brush, you can press and hold the button for two seconds to change the intensity (four settings). This is also shown on the LED indicator.

The things you miss out on when not using an app are things like the builtin 6-axis gyroscope that acts like a Blind Zone Detection, that allows the app to show which zones have been brushed properly and which zones need some additional work. It sounds a bit gimmicky but it is functionality that is available when you decide to use it. But if you just want to use the Oclean Z1 without the Oclean App, you definitely can.

Setting up the Oclean App

You can download the Oclean App here (for iOS and Android). In order to use the app, you need to register for an Oclean account (you can also use your Facebook or Twitter account) and login first. This is disappointing because the app could have been built without using accounts and still worked fine.

When setting up the device you need to enter a tooth profile, with details like your date of birth, condition, and color of your teeth and whether you do things that affect your teeth (smoke, drink coffee, wine, tea). After this, the app recommends a type of toothbrush head. Yes, you just uploaded the condition of your teeth and all you got was a product recommendation.

Connecting to the Oclean Z1 Toothbrush with your Phone is pretty easy. The first time you need to select the device (the device does not have to be switched on). When connected successfully you will feel a short vibration in the toothbrush. When opening the app at a later time, you get a popup to quickly reconnect to the brush.

Brushing with the Oclean App

After knowing what toothbrush head you need and connecting to your Xiaomi Oclean smart toothbrush, you are ready to go. You start brushing your teeth using the default profile is set to ‘2 minutes Standard Cleaning’. There is no live monitoring of the action, but after a session is finished you can sync it to the app. Then it will show you a detailed report. This report gives you an overall score. Next, there are detailed scores on the Duration, applied Pressure and the Coverage of the different areas. You can also share these from the Oclean App on Twitter and Facebook. Because everyone wants to bother the world with their dental brushing performance.

The true added value of the app is the different brushing plans you can load into the toothbrush. Next to the Standard Cleaning, it has different plans focused on for example Whitening, Sensitive Cleaning, and Bracelet Cleaning. Each profile determines a specific duration and instructions can be found in the app which area of your teeth you need to cover. The brush gives a short pulse when you need to switch. You can also create customized plans, but these won’t show up in the detailed reports. You can also monitor the condition of the brush head.

Complementary Products / Alternatives

Replacement Brushes

Oclean has a number of replacement brush heads available that are compatible with a large part of their product line. These replacement brush heads also work for the Oclean Z1 and are very affordable. They are available in Warm White and Sky Blue, but also more exotic colors like Light Pink.

Other toothbrushes from the Oclean lineup

In the Oclean lineup, there are different toothbrushes, for example, the Oclean X. This smart toothbrush is a bit pricier but comes with a better mounting dock. It also has a bit more features, like a touch screen. The top of the line is Oclean One, which has more features. It brushes at a higher frequency, has a 60 days battery life and comes with a traveling case.

If you just need an electric toothbrush with a traveling case, you can also order one separately. They you can even go for the way cheaper Oclean Air. This electric toothbrush has a pressure sensor but it does some compromises on for instance battery life.

Just as a comparison: the top of the line Philips Sonicare Smart edition (HX9954) is one of the few that comes with app integration, but this one will cost you about 260 dollars. Sonicare brushes in the starting range are around 50 dollars (Philips Sonicare EasyClean, HX6512). However, they come with only a single brushing program and are miles away from LED displays and app integration.

Where to buy?

Buy Oclean Z1 Smart LED Electric Toothbrush

The Oclean Z1 is a well equipped Xiaomi Smart Electric Toothbrush that has 32 modes of intensity and can be connected to an app. With Blind Zone Detection all your teeth will be properly brushed every time. This all at a very good price. The big cons of this device are the unstable docking stand and the fact that you need to register in order to use the Oclean app.

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