Resurge Review – Does It Really Work?


Product Introduction

Resurge is a weight loss supplement that can help you boost your body metabolism to burn fats.

The mechanism behind how it works is not what you could have guessed by just waking up to the idea. That having consistent deep sleep could help you burn fat sounded ridiculous to me at first but when I learned about it, it was easy to understand.

How it works: The pill will help you to have a deep sleep-wake cycle. When you have deep sleep, the ingredients in Resurge goes to activate some proteins in your body that helps to burn those wicked fats while helping to repair vital cells and tissues in the body.

This slows down the process of aging and keeps your body in perfect shape.

Resurge Overview

Resurge is a completely natural compound supplement designed to improve deep sleep, regenerate metabolism, burn fat and lose weight. It is ideal for men and women over 40 affected by poor sleep and low energy levels. My review will tell you all.

How many times did you try sticking to a diet plan or a workout regimen only to fall back to your old habits and body weight after an initial success?

Particularly so as you age and your life becomes a hectic whirl spun at thousand RPM between family commitments, work deadlines and hyper connectivity.

You find that not just your waist line grows bigger by the year, but even your energy levels and looks start fading away despite regularly trying to fight off the ills of aging with regular exercising and calorie restricted dieting.

Maybe in all this chaos you failed to recognize a distinctive and common pattern that unite people from all walks of life, whether they may be dieting and working out or not, regardless.

It’s something so simple yet so essential to our well being, energy and body weight that we hardly pay attention to it despite experiencing every day: sleep.

Quality of sleep, particularly deep sleep, has deteriorated exponentially because of our modern life style with all its excesses and lack of leisurely time.

Yet a good night sleep is greatly responsible for keeping your metabolism high, burning fat, losing excess weight, increasing your energy levels and generally feeling good.

Well, this is what the Resurge compound supplement is supposed to do: getting you to sleep well. This is because unlike any other supplement or weight loss pill out there, it approaches weight loss right at the foundation of your well being in the most natural way.

Even more, it does not require you to work out or follow a diet, though you may want to exercise as you wish, as it tackles weight loss in a holistic way that also improves energy levels and restores youthful appearance.

Its effectiveness lays into restoring your long lost ability to a good, deep sleep as the foundation for resetting your body’s clock to younger times. And that includes losing weight and even looking a bit younger as a result.

But how does Resurge work exactly? And most importantly is it safe to use, does it carry side effects, who is behind it and where is it made?

Hang on to my Resurge review because it will answer these and other questions. I’ve investigated the claims, the ingredients, the inventor’s credentials and the customers’ reviews for you to have an unbiased opinion.

Resurge Review

Resurge is a revolutionary weight loss supplement. We say revolutionary because, although it is a weight loss supplement, it is much different as compared to the usual weight loss supplements that we see on the market.

You see, Resurge focuses on one aspect of our mental and physical health that most weight loss supplements tend to forget. That is the importance of getting enough deep sleep. Notice how we say deep sleep, instead of sleep in general. We do that because while it is important to get around 7-8 hours of sleep in general, it is more important how much of that time you spend getting actual deep sleep.

Deep sleep is what helps your body rejuvenate and refresh. Many aspects of our physical and mental health depend on the amount of deep sleep that we are getting. Your metabolism, appetite, motivation, energy levels, mood, etc. are all directly affected by the amount of deep sleep that you get every night.

Surprisingly enough, all of these factors are directly affecting your weight loss results. If you do not get enough deep sleep, you will feel more fatigued, in a bad mood, your motivation will decline, your metabolism will slow down, and your appetite will increase, exposing you to a greater risk of unwanted weight gain.

If you are worried that you are not getting enough deep sleep throughout the day, we highly recommend adding Resurge to your daily diet. Resurge will not only help increase your deep sleep, but it will also positively affect all of the weight loss factors that we mentioned before.

With Resurge, you are tackling many problems all at once and with that increasing the success rate of your weight loss journey. But you are also working towards improving your overall physical and mental health as well.

Resurge Benefits

Resurge is a powerful dietary supplement. Although its main goal is to improve your sleep, what you may not be aware of is how closely sleep is linked to every other aspect of your life. This means that getting an insufficient amount of sleep each night does more harm than you are aware of.

If you feel groggy, fatigued, overweight, and constantly have to battle insomnia, mood swings, anxiety, depression, and obesity, among other health issues, the problem is probably rooted in the quality of your sleep. Knowing that the manufacturers of Resurge wanted to provide us with a supplement that will be able to improve our sleep, and with that improve every other aspect of both physical and mental health.

Here are the main beneficial effects that are to be expected, thanks to Resurge:

  • It promotes a healthy weight loss;
  • It boosts the metabolic rate;
  • It replaces the body fat with lean muscle mass;
  • It suppresses the appetite and controls the hunger;
  • It prevents binge eating;
  • It relieves stress, anxiety, and depression;
  • It increases the deep sleep and makes it easier to get a good night sleep;
  • It improves mental clarity and reduces brain fog;
  • It reduces insomnia and other sleep issues;
  • It improves the mood;
  • It enhanced the immune system;
  • It controls the blood sugar levels;
  • It revitalizes the energy levels.

What is Resurge?

Resurge is a rather new weight loss supplement in the market. Since it’s new, we don’t have thousands of reviews and results related to it.
But there’s enough evidence over the internet to come to an inference. Most of the reviews regarding Resurge have refreshingly been positive.

But we have been reviewing supplements for years and can’t just believe in written reviews. We thus dug deeper to find out whether these ingredients are potent enough to provide a real change.

One of the popular ingredients we found on top of its contents is melatonin. There’s little doubt about its effects on improving sleep quality.

Melatonin is the hormone that regulates sleep in our bodies. Its usage in sleep supplements thus is well documented.

What interested us more is the use of natural relaxants like L-Theanine and other natural depressants. It’s an exciting connection they have formed here.

It’s like a three-pronged mechanism. The ingredients in Resurge help destress you, which in turn ensures better sleep.

Since you are more relaxed, you’ll sleep faster and not wake up in the middle of the night. These ingredients, though, are natural and only offer mild effects.

That is the reason why it isn’t your deep sleep supplement. Resurge offers a 30-Day challenge urging you to try just one bottle to see its effects.
To support its claim, they have incorporated appetite suppressing ingredients that regulate your calorie intake. Coupling that with increased metabolism, the claim makes sense to us.

Much like its contemporary supplements, Resurge offers substantial discounts on bundles. You can buy three bundles to save a significant sum.
But it’d still be wiser to test one before taking the big step. But the supplement review is incomplete without a word about its founder. The manufacturer’s stature is as necessary as his claim itself.

How Does Resurge Work?

As we age, progressive lack of deep sleep seems to be the number one generator of all ills, including but not limited to:

  • Slow metabolic regeneration.
  • Impaired tissue repairing, including the brain.
  • Fading memory.
  • Reduced Human Growth Hormone production.
  • Elevated cortisol levels.
  • Weight gain, especially the dangerous visceral fat on the abdomen.

If that was not bad enough, lack of sleep also affects two vital hormones responsible for maintaining a healthy body weight.

  • One is leptin, which regulates your appetite – Lack of deep sleep reduces or even stops leptin hormone production, resulting in impaired feeling of satiety as you eat, thus causing you to over eat.
  • The other is ghrelin, which regulates your hunger – The inability to sleep well causes your levels of ghrelin to increase, leading to food cravings and bingeing as a result.

Resurge Ingredients

The best thing about Resurge is its unique formula. Its formula has been specially designed to fit natural and scientifically backed-up ingredients. That is the only way through which Resurge can help you achieve all of the promised benefits after only a few weeks of regular use.


We have eight amazing ingredients that make Resurge the high-quality supplement that it is. Let’s have a look at its clean and effective formula to better understand how Resurge is able to bring all of the benefits that it promises.


The first ingredient found in Resurge is melatonin. Melatonin is a hormone that is produced naturally in our bodies. It is often referred to as “the sleep hormone.” The reason for that is because of its main purpose, and that is to inform the body when it is night time so that it can relax and fall asleep easier.

Melatonin is also a powerful antioxidant that helps the body to get rid of any free radicals and oxidative stress that may harm it.

Nowadays, there are different melatonin supplements to choose from. They help individuals who are struggling with insomnia and other sleep issues. Luckily, the manufacturers of Resurge have not forgotten about it.

10 mg melatonin is found in Resurge. By taking Resurge right before bed, you are allowing the melatonin within it to take action and help you fall asleep faster. It also helps to put you in a state of deep sleep and maintain that very same state for a longer period of time – long enough so that you get the most out of the benefits from a deep sleep.

You will notice the first effects of Resurge the next morning as you wake up feeling energized and ready to seize the day. Say goodbye to fatigue and feeling groggy in the morning and instead relax and let Resurge take care of you.


The next ingredient on the list is Ashwagandha. 150 mg East Indian Ashwagandha plant, the ancient medicinal herb, is found in Resurge. There are many reasons why Ashwagandha is included in Resurge.

Over the years, Ashwagandha has shown beneficial effects towards treating many different health issues, starting from arthritis, insomnia, constipation, memory loss, high-stress levels, and even diabetes. These are the exact reasons why Ashwagandha is found listed in the ingredients list of Resurge.

A 2000 study published in Phytomedicine has shown that taking Ashwagandha supplements can help reduce anxiety. Another study showed that this herb could help improve heart health reducing high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and preventing heart disease.


100 mg Hydroxytryptophan is the third ingredient of Resurge. Hydroxytryptophan is a natural amino acid, produced in our body in order to help itself produce a vital neurotransmitter called serotonin. Serotonin has many important functions in the body, but it generally makes sure that we are in a state of well-being, feeling happy and satisfied.

By stimulating the production of serotonin, Hydroxytryptophan helps achieve better and deeper sleep, reduces anxiety and stress, and enhances weight loss. It also helps treat depression and any sleep disorders such as insomnia.

Magnesium and Zinc

Next, we have two very important minerals – magnesium and zinc. 500 mg magnesium in combination with 15 mg zinc is found in each Resurge capsule. There are many benefits to come from the regular use of magnesium and zinc as a part of the daily diet.

In Resurge, magnesium, and zinc work together with the rest of the ingredients to make sure that all of them are properly absorbed in the body and, as such, can cause all of the needed benefits.

They also focus on providing a good night’s sleep by inducing deep sleep and promoting mental alertness in the morning so that you do not feel exhausted, fatigued, or groggy when you wake up.


The last three ingredients found in Resurge are three vital amino acids. Let’ start by explaining the first one – L-Theanine. This amino acid can be naturally found in black and green tea, among other food, but it is also available in supplement form. Research suggests that L-Theanine can provide a range of beneficial effects when used on a day-to-day basis.

L-Theanine has been shown effective at boosting mental focus and mental agility. The results of a 2018 study showed that people who took L-Theanine for eight weeks experienced greater sleep satisfaction, reduced insomnia, and reduced anxiety levels.

L-Theanine is also able to improve a person’s attention and reaction times while also improving a number of additional cognitive abilities.


L-Arginine, another helpful amino-acid found in the body, has two main effects – it helps the body to build protein, and it improves the blood flow by increasing the levels of nitric oxide in the body.

As such, it has been extensively tested and investigated to find out the full range of issues in which the use of L-Arginine has been shown as helpful.

For example, L-Arginine can help control blood sugar levels and prevent diabetes. It can help control hunger and suppress appetite. L-Arginine is able to reduce your high blood pressure, reduce any inflammation present in the body, and achieve additional health benefits.

All of these effects can help enhance the weight loss process.


And last but not least important is L-Lysine. L-Lysine is yet another important amino acid produced by the body, but also found in many foods, and is available in a supplement form. L-Lysine, among providing other beneficial effects, posses the ability to reduce one’s anxiety levels.

A one-week study investigated the effects of L-Lysine used in combination with L-Arginine. The results showed that when combined, these two amino acids can efficiently lower the stress-induced anxiety and lower the cortisol levels – the stress hormone in the body.

By lowering your stress and anxiety, L-Lysine can help induce deep sleep and treat stress-induced insomnia, which is why the manufacturers of Resurge have decided to include it in its formula.

Resurge Advantages and Disadvantages

Purely defining purpose, Resurge is a fat burning dietary supplement. It is just one of the many nutritional supplements that provide fruition to your hard work quickly.

But the purpose is where the similarities end between Resurge and other such supplements. For starters, it works on a completely different mechanism enhancing your sleep quality to lose weight.

It’s a unique concept you might not have heard before. But it’s not just John Barbaran who has derived a relation between sleep and weight loss.

Tens of studies have inferred that inadequate, irregular sleep patterns can adversely affect your weight. More recently, research by Colorado University found out that if people gained 2 pounds a week when they slept 5 hours a day.

What Resurge has done differently is take this fact seriously. They have spent hours in their FDA approved lab trying to derive a supplement that helps you sleep adequately.

Not only does Resurge claim to fix your sleep patterns but also ensure deep sleep. Having a deep sleep means your body will rest more efficiently and complete your quota in fewer hours.

In our pursuit of testing whether Resurge does what it claims, we stumbled upon various intriguing facts. We found that it’s not just sleeping that will ensure you shed pounds within weeks.

A whole lot of factors have to work together to take you to goals faster. One such decisive factor is the metabolic rate.

Resurge has incorporated ingredients that provide multi-faceted methodologies to help lose weight. It includes a rise in metabolic rate, improving sleep quality, and boosting immunity.

How well did it manage to pace up the results remains a point of concern? Despite working in unison, it’s safe to say that Resurge will only take its effect after considering its sweet time.

A significant factor behind this is the use of 100% natural ingredients. Organic contents rarely provide instant results but help the body ease into a better lifestyle.

We are going to discuss its contents and how they help you towards your ultimate goal. But first, let’s sum up what you should expect from the supplements and its downsides.

Pros and Cons


  • It can naturally fix troubling sleep patterns. It isn’t a magic formula but might give you the little push you needed.
  • The supplement comes with GMP Certification that testifies its credibility. It’s no use trusting non-prescription products without proper certification
  • The mechanism of the supplement is based on facts. Research has backed deeper sleep to burn fat quicker and apart from increasing metabolism
  • John Barbaran has made the product in FDA-approved laboratories with tested outcomes.
  • The 60-day money-back guarantee ensures the company is trusting their product. You’ll have something to fall on if it doesn’t work.
  • The natural ingredients also bring in little positive benefits that can enhance your productivity


  • Overweight children below 18 shouldn’t take this supplement
  • It requires consistent usage for at least a month to derive some real results. It isn’t a viable one-day alternative for sleeping pills.

The overall proposition of using risk-free organic ingredients does seem worth a try. While it is not a sleeping pill alternative, it can help you if you sleep a bit quicker than usual.

But it’s not to forget that the supplement’s essential purpose is to help you burn fat. Now we have given a glimpse of how its claims are research-backed.

But will it prove useful or its ingredients are too mild to provide any real results? What else do you need to do apart from having this regularly to burn fat? Or is it another one of those common scams that don’t deliver as they promise? Let’s find out.

Why Resurge Supplement?

As we have discussed in the earlier sections, there are just so many benefits that come from using Resurge supplements. Now in this section, we will highlight these benefits.

These benefits include:

  • The supplement does not only tackle the symptoms of the weight gain, but you will discover that it mainly tackles what causes the problem.
  • Resurge supplement serves to improve your sleep. You enjoy much deeper sleep that ensures that you sleep for longer.
  • Resurge supplement is designed to improve the user’s immune system.
  • Using Resurge supplement, the weight loss process is easier. You will lose weight easily without undergoing any painful process.
  • As sleep will improve your hormones and other things, you will find that using this supplement will definitely help with better skin.
  • Resurge supplement will improve your eyesight and help you to see much better.
  • You will get a money-back guarantee with this product ( more on that later).

How to Use Resurge Supplement?

In view of the foregoing, you are likely convinced about the efficacy of this supplement. If so, therefore, it isn’t weird to be concerned about how to use the drug safely. After all, you do not want to use a dosage that is too small and wouldn’t help you. Neither would you want to use something that will make you oversleep nor have adverse effects.

Before you retire for the night, it is advised that you take 4 capsules. Take this with a cup of water. Remember too, that water helps with metabolism. Thus, after taking the drug, you should also endeavour to drink plenty of water.

The capsules then dissolve in your body system to give you many benefits, including metabolic regeneration and so many other benefits.

As you use Resurge supplement, the good thing is that you don’t get any terrible side-effects. You also do not need to undergo any surgeries or go to the gym every single day. Whether you are a man or a woman, you are sure to enjoy using these supplements.

Side effects of Resurge Supplement

Considering all the benefits of the supplement, it is only normal to think to yourself if there are any side effects. Well, the ingredients that comprise the supplement are all-natural. To that end, the chances of suffering from side effects are quite limited.

However, you should still be careful with whatever you take into your body. Resurge supplement use should not coincide with using other supplements. You shouldn’t down the supplements with alcohol. Using this supplement with other drugs can change the chemical composition and result in bad things.

To further help you, the packaging contains plenty of information about how to use the supplement safely. As with other drugs on the market, you must be careful not to use more of the supplement than is necessary.

What is the speed of effectiveness of Resurge?

We get it; you want to see overnight results. However, any product that claims to give you overnight results is a lie. Except you undergo surgery, you should not expect to suddenly wake up with your weight gone.

Nevertheless, reviews have revealed that Resurge supplement gives pretty quick results. The supplements quickly burn up your fat as you start ingesting them. As it is completely natural and safe, you do not have to worry about any complications. Simply follow the dosage instructions, and you can be sure that you will start to see results as quickly as possible.

Resurge Manufacturer

John Barban, a fitness instructor, and coach is the man behind Resurge pills. He created this formula on the back of reasonable success in the industry.

One of his weight loss programs, Venus Factor, built quite a name for itself. Perhaps, John has been working on a few out of the box weight loss programs and supplements just after receiving his degree in human biology.

The need for creating a unique supplement came from his observation of redundant products in the industry. Most weight loss products frankly have contained identical ingredients and were just being packaged differently.

John, for a change, has brought out a different approach to weight supplements. For starters, his principal focus is building a name for himself instead of getting instant monetary gains.

Moreover, Barban has previously worked with an array of top brands like Muscletech and Nutraceuticals, among others. Having a legible experience and industry knowledge has definitely helped create an effective product.

Knowing all these facts, we can surely trust the manufacturers for a sound product. But to make a better purchase judgment, you must know precisely how Resurge works towards ensuring weight loss.

But first, let’s take a look at the ingredients you’d find in Resurge. Read the benefits and usage of each part carefully, so you’re 100% sure of your purchase.

Does It Work for Everyone?

Resurge’s promise to ensure proper sleep and burning fat through it is real but only to an extent. Without adequate exercise and diet regulation, it’s hard to say precisely how much weight you’ll lose.

It does help you in a lot of little ways. It has appetite suppressing properties, improves metabolism, and supports better sleep. But you must use the higher energy to work out for longer periods.

A sedentary lifestyle will take you nowhere. Having a better sleep may lose you a pound or two, but you need to change your lifestyle to attain substantial results.

Resurge doesn’t work for pregnant women and children, though. People with heart illnesses and those taking medications should consult their doctor before taking it.

Shipping and Returns

Resurge is available exclusively on the official website. Typically for the US and Canada orders, it takes around 5-7 days to reach your home.

You can get it anywhere else in the world too. Depending upon the distance and flight routes, it can take anywhere between 8-15 days for delivery.

Delivery is completely free, and you just have to pay for your preferred package. Resurge pills also come with a 60-day money-back guarantee.

But you must consume it promptly for a month before returning it. Mail at for refund claims. The company usually processes refunds in a week or two.

How Does it Work?

One of the primary reasons behind the failure of diet plans is improper sleep. The human body undergoes a process called metabolic regeneration in the deep sleep phase.

Here it repairs vital tissues, flushes out toxins, and regenerates brain cells. When we experience disturbance in a deep sleep, the body produces cortisol.
Cortisol or the stress hormone reduces leptin in the body and leads to a slower metabolism. The ingredients of Resurge thus pay special attention to sleep quality apart from boosting metabolism.

How to Use Resurge?

Your bottle of Resurge comes with proper usage instructions the same for every user. You have to take four pills a day, which can be challenging to follow for a few users.

Since most ingredients are in tiny amounts, you must take all the four pills daily to achieve results.

Who Should and Who Should Not Use It?

People who should use it

  • People experiencing a consistent failure in implementing diet plans
  • Those who experience irregular sleeping patterns and are growing lazy
  • People who can’t control binge-eating while binge-watching at nights

People who shouldn’t use it

  • Pregnant women
  • Children below the age of 18
  • People who are allergic to any of the ingredients

Side Effects

The use of 100% organic and mild ingredients have ensured Resurge has no real side effects. Some people, though, might experience a slight headache in the first two days. Don’t overdose ever, though, as it might not have unanticipated consequences.

Customer Reviews

Sarah Banks

Tired of using diet plans to no avail, Sarah talked to her cousin, who suggested her Resurge pills. The pills didn’t show her instant results but improved her productivity gradually but surely.

It’s now after losing 12 pounds in five months does she come to know that the problem was her irregular sleep schedule. She has fixed it now with the help of Resurge pills.

Amir Sohail

A father of two, Amir’s issues with obesity, never seemed to end. He used to buy junk for his children and couldn’t resist eating them himself too.

After starting eating Resurge Pills, he started feeling that his urge to eat fatty food has relaxed. He can now control himself and regulate his diet.

The exercise was never a problem for him, and he has now successfully lost 10 pounds in just two months.

Where to Buy Resurge?

If you were hoping that you will hop to the nearest retail store or pharmacy to get your supply of Resurge, we have to disappoint you. Resurge is currently available for online purchases only. That means that you will have to visit its official website if you, too, want to order yourself a bottle of Resurge to help you lose weight quickly and efficiently.

The following discounted prices can be found and taken advantage of:

  • $49 per bottle if you order a one month-supply;
  • $39 per bottle if you order a three-month-supply;
  • $34 per bottle if you order a six-month supply.

All orders are shipped free-of-charge right to the comfort of your own home. This applies to global orders as well as orders made across the United States.

Also, each bottle of Resurge is backed up with a 60-day money-back guarantee. If you change your mind about Resurge, simply contact the manufacturer within the first 60 days of your order and ask for a full refund. You shall be provided with a full refund, no questions asked.

Conclusion – Should You Buy It?

Resurge brings a refreshingly new approach to weight loss supplements. Its ingredients have standalone benefits, and its claims are backed by research.

The results might be gradual, but it’s worth a try unless you have a significant sleeping problem. Don’t forget to work out harder and regulate your diet for the best results.

Resurge Supplement Frequently Asked Questions.

Is Resurge Safe To Use?
Resurge is a FDA approved, totally natural weight loss and deep sleep supplement without any side effects, though you should always consult your physician if you have any condition. It is not ideal if you are pregnant, nursing or under 18 yrs of age.

Is It Easy To Use?
Just take it once a day, 1 hour before bed time. That’s it.

How Much Does Resurge Cost?
Right now it is heavily discounted but it may change any time in the future. It comes in one, three or six bottle packages starting at $49, shipping excluded.

How Long Does It Take To Get Resurge Delivered?
Shipping times vary from 5 to 7 business days for US or Canada, to 8 – 15 business days (plus customs clearance time) for international orders, by FedEx or UPS.

To Which Countries Is Resurge Delivered?
You can get Resurge delivered anywhere in the world.

Where Can I Buy Resurge?
You can buy Resurge online only from the official website:

Can I Buy Resurge From Amazon?
Nope. You can order Resurge only at their official website.

Does Resurge Really Work For Weight Loss?
Before releasing it to the general public, John Barban has tested the ingredients on himself and on a thousand clients. They all experienced immediate benefits, from better sleep to weight loss almost immediately. However, each one is different and results may vary.

What Is The Resurge Contact?
You can contact the Resurge company 24/7 via email for any question: There is no phone number.

Any Complaints About Resurge?
Due to the great popularity of this supplement there have been some complaints about delays in delivery, made worse by the current global coronavirus pandemic.

What About A Guarantee?
Resurge supplement carries a 60-day money back guarantee.

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