Sleeplab Anti-Snoring Sleeping Device Review


SleepLab Review

If you want to get rid of your partners snoring problem, this is just the product for that, the SleepLab review will cover all you need to know.

They seem not to be aware when they snore but to you it is so disturbing.

This is why you should take the time to read through this article.

Without wasting much time, lets gets straight to the SleepLab review.

What is SleepLab?

This is a special innovation against snoring.

This device is a magnetically functioning snore stopper placed under your chin overnight, which stimulates the respiratory muscles and makes your breathing quiet and gentle the way it’s meant to be.

Snoring happens mostly in males unconsciously, the laryngeal musculature and respiratory muscles becomes slack and breathing is blocked somehow, so when air is been forced in and out of your body, by doing so generates sounds which are unpleasant to the ear.

You will not hear the sound because your deep in sleep but when you wake up you might have a slight headache or feel weak.

This can restrict your health, affect your cardiovascular system and your blood pressure.

This is where the SleepLab device comes to play.

The magnetic functioning snore stopper should help and keep your muscles active during the night, so as to breath fine.

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Why do I need this SleepLab Snore Stopper?

A good amount of people, but mostly men are affected by nocturnal pauses in breathing (including sleep apneal), and hardly anyone can be treated for it.

Most of the time the person does not know.

They are been made aware by their partners.

However, if you do not treat your snoring, it can lead to a more serious respiratory problem.

This is where the magnetic functioning snore stopper comes to your aid.

SleepLab helps you to improve your breathing during the night and brings peace to your sleep as well as your partner.

As you continue to use this device your muscles are stimulated night after night, it may eventually cause them to stop needing stimulation at some point and your breathing will automatically return to normal at night.

From here on your muscles will not relax so much that they block breathing and respiratory system and you can sleep normal without a device.

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SleepLab Rating and Recommendation

In the beginning, it may be a bit strange to pin a small device under your chin and then fall asleep.

But trust me when you get used to it, it’s a good and effective way to manage your nocturnal snoring and breathing problems.

This device works with a magnetic-electrical impulse that stimulates your respiratory muscles, leaving your airway free with no muscle relaxation.

In this way your breathing is not blocked and you can sleep safely.

After waking up, you feel fresh and your cardiovascular system is intact.

Most of the time it is the disturbed sleep through your respiration in your subconscious state that leads to serious damage of your health in the long term and seriously endanger your health.

SleepLab Technical Facts

This small anti-snoring device delivers magnetic-electrical impulse to the laryngeal muscles to immediately start stimulating in case of snoring.

The electrical impulses at the electrodes are adjusted according to the snoring intensity and triggered by vibration in order to reduce the nocturnal respiratory flow or to stop them altogether.

There are patches to stick the device under the chin and they are used only once per application (disposable patches).

The device should be used for up to two weeks.

With your smartphone you can control the device and track your sleep.

Also make setting or record your sleep and your breathing pattern.

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The device takes about 2 hours to charge and then lasts for a full 15 hours.

For the application, you just need to attach the magnetic functioning electrodes to your chin and turn on the snore stopper.

  • Working mode: S / T
  • Material: ABS + PC
  • Type: Snore stopper
  • Pulse range: 10-1500 Hz
  • Continuous working time: 0-15 hours
  • Power adapter: 3.7V / 80mAh
  • Net weight: 10G
  • System supports: Android 4.3 or IOS
  • Color: Black

Package contents:

  • 1 stopper
  • 10 patches to stick the device on the skin
  • 1 USB cable
  • 1 charging station

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SleepLab Test

As much as they are many snoring aids, the SleepLab has a special ability to keep the laryngeal musculature and respiratory muscles in motion at night, as it often relaxes at night, causing snoring.

By means of magnetic-electronic impulses and vibration, the musculature remains intact and does not relax, but only becomes active when a snoring attack is triggered in order to act directly on the respiration by impulses.

At any time, this treatment can cause the muscles to be heavily stimulated that they remain active at night permanently making you get so much air you need without any stress.

SleepLab Experiences

At first it might be strange for you to stick something under your chin and have to sleep, then you may wonder if there are any side effect.

You should not worry yourself about such, because the device is made of electric impulse that are harmless to you but do the work for you by stimulating you respiratory muscles.

By doing so your respiratory muscles becomes active and do not relax and block the flow of air.

There is a good smartwatch which can help you track your sleep pattern.

Smartphone can be connected via bluetooth in other to check how your breathing is when you sleep and see how effective this snore stopper is and the way it helps improve your health.


  • It’s very easy to use this device.
  • This device helps you sleep better.
  • Battery lasts for 15 hours.
  • It has a mobile app that make you understand your sleep pattern.


  • Takes about 1 week to arrive if the stock is low.
  • It can only be bought online.
  • Quickly running out of stock.

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Sleep Apnea Mask

Many people with OSA rely on positive air pressure therapy, or PAP therapy, which delivers a steady ventilation and helps also.

Continuous PAP machines, or CPAP machine, are bedside devices that provide pressurized air at a fixed rate throughout the night using breathing masks that connect directly to the generator.

Several mask types are available. CPAP full face masks, one of the most common types, are particularly useful for people who sleep with their mouths open.

Despite their name, CPAP full face masks may also be used with bi-level positive air pressure machines, or BIPAP machines, which deliver air at different rates for inhalations and exhalations, and are typically prescribed to patients with CSA.

The Fisher & Paykel Forma Full Face Mask – our Editor’s Pick – is a standout product for several reasons.

The mask is designed with a resilient silicone seal to prevent air from leaking during the night.

It is also cushioned with Flexi-Foam, a material that provides comfortable contouring regardless of the wearer’s head size.

The Forma Full Face Mask also benefits sleep partners thanks to a built-in air diffuser, which prevents air from blowing onto other areas of the bed.

The mask’s headgear includes a chinstrap for added jaw support and optimal breathing throughout the night. In any case of neck discomfort, this neckrelax will be of great help.

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Designs and Features of CPAP Full Face Masks and CPAP Machines

Components: As the name implies, CPAP full face masks are designed to fit strongly over the user’s nose and mouth.

Most full face masks have five primary components:

  • The frame, which refers to the breathing apparatus.
  • The cushion, which refers to the membrane around the frame that creates a more comfortable fit for the wearer.
  • The elbow port, so named because it is shaped in a right angle, is an opening that attaches to the connective hose leading to the generator.
  • The headgear, which refers to the straps used to secure the frame to the wearer’s head.

An airtight seal is required over the nose and mouth for effective air delivery.

To ensure the mask is not uncomfortable, full face masks models feature extra cushioning around the area that maintains the seal while also providing a more comfortable fit.

The cushion may be made from different materials, such as cloth, gel, silicone, or foam. The cushion is usually replaceable.

The elbow port may be longer or shorter.

Additionally, some elbow sports may be 360 degrees; this allows the mask wearer to adjust their sleep position without compromising the connection to the hose.

Headgear straps are located at the jaw and wrap around the back of the head to connect at the base of the neck.

Additional straps may wrap around the forehead and connect in the same place; this is known as forehead support.

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The straps are secured with buckles, ball-and-socket joints, or hook-and-loop closures to ensure they won’t come undone during the night.

Some models feature a knob that allows wearers to adjust how tight or lose the mask feels in small increments; both straps will tighten or loosen simultaneously as the knob is turned.

Sizes: Full face mask frames are usually available in Small, Medium, and Large sizes to accommodate users with different facial dimensions; the headgear may be sized differently based on the size of the frame.

Some models are also available in dedicated male and female designs, as well as those made for users with relatively small or wide faces.

It’s important to note that any type of face mask will be compatible with most CPAP machines, provided the hose offers a secure connection between the mask and the generator.

Furthermore, the mask has no bearing on the airflow rate, humidifier capacity, and factors related to other components of the machine.

For most, mask choice comes down to two factors: comfort and budget.

Care: Cleaning full face masks is fairly straightforward: simply apply an alcohol wipe to the interior and exterior of the mask, as well as the straps.

Never, under any circumstances, should a CPAP full face mask be washed or put in a machine.

The cushion and complete mask should be replaced periodically (unless the cushion is not replaceable); Medicare allows users to replace the cushion every three months, and to replace the mask every six months.

Pricing: Although price-points vary and some models are available for as little as $55 to $60, most CPAP full face masks cost between $80 and $150.

Please note that full face masks are only available with a doctor’s prescription.

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CPAP Machines

Now let’s look at CPAP machines.

Like the face masks, CPAP machines are only available with a doctor’s prescription, and cannot be purchased over the counter.

If you have sleep apnea, please discuss CPAP machines and other options with your physician.

Irrespective of the mask, CPAP machines feature the following components:

  • Airflow generator and fan: The generator and motorized fan are housed in a small compartment that typically measures about 10 inches long, six inches wide, and six inches high (dimensions vary by model). When the machine is turned on, the generator/fan will suck in air from the room and pressurize it.
  • Humidifier: Some CPAP machines have built-in humidifiers, while other models have humidifier attachments. In either case, this component is filled with distilled water to humidify the air before it is delivered to the user. The humidifier may hold anywhere from 300 to 450 milliliters (mL) of water — but some CPAP machines do not use a humidifier at all.
  • Air filter: The filter collects dust and other allergens to help purify the air. Filters are always replaceable and should be replaced regularly in order to ensure the air is clean and free of contaminants.
  • Connective hose: This component connects the generator box to the face mask at the elbow port. It is usually made of transparent plastic, and measures five to six feet in length.

The final component is the face mask, which is sold separately from the CPAP machine.

The operating procedure for a CPAP machine is as follows:

  1. Place the machine on a flat, level surface that comfortably reaches the sleeper’s face using the connective hose. Never set a CPAP machine anywhere that presents a risk of falling during the night.
  2. To power the machine, plug it into the nearest AC outlet.
  3. Make sure the humidifier is filled with distilled water; top up as needed.
  4. Secure the connective hose to both the face mask and the generator.
  5. Turn on the machine; it should be ready to use immediately.
  6. Adjust the settings as needed during the night.

CPAP machines deliver air at a prescribed rate based on the user’s settings; a doctor can help determine the best airflow rate based on the patient’s individual apnea diagnosis.

The airflow output of a CPAP machine is measured in centimeters of water, or cmH20.

Apnea patients generally need an airflow rate of 6 to 14 cmH20, and most CPAP machines can deliver anywhere from 4 to 20cmH20.

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If your are having a hard time sleeping next to your partner because of his or her snoring issues, SleepLab is just the thing for you.

SleepLab reactivates your respiratory muscles so that you can sleep quietly like a normal person happily, there are no side effects what so ever.

SleepLab might be able to take care of sleep Apnea also, but when it comes to snoring it works best.

Ensure you meet with your doctor before requesting for this product.

**Update: SleepLab is currently having an ongoing promo.

50% off your order today.

The promo is on a first-come, first-served basis, so if you delay, you might end up missing out and paying full price.

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