Tactical X Flashlight Review [2021]:- Is It a Must-Have Tactical Flashlight?

Tactical X Flashlights are presumably familiar to you.

They’re the latest craze right now, and they’ve totally displaced traditional flashlights, making buying one not only hip but also necessary.

We take you from noob to specialist in the field of tactical flashlights in this tactical flashlight analysis post.

Flashlights are a must-have item everywhere we go.

It’s especially useful during typhoon season when power outages and emergencies are more common than at other times of the year.

To be honest, lighting a candle or a gas lamp is no longer sufficient.

And, when you use your phone for other purposes, you can’t count on it to light you in an emergency.

As a result, a flashlight can still be included in your emergency kit and in the glove compartment of your vehicle.

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What is Tactical X Flashlight?

Soldiers, marksmen, and law enforcement officers used tactical grade flashlights to simultaneously fire a weapon and illuminate their target.

It not only has a powerful beam, but it’s also made of high-quality, long-lasting materials.

Because of its LED technology, the Tactical X Flashlight is one of the brightest tactical flashlights on the market.

It has a zoom range of up to 2000x and a brightness of 7000 lumens, making it 24 times brighter than normal flashlights.

It’s also regarded as one of today’s brightest tactical flashlights.

Watch this video below to learn more about this flashlight.


About Tactical X Flashlight

The aim of this Tactical X Flashlight review is to inform the consumer about the device. Keep cool and read everything.

  • The 300 Lumen flashlight is very bright, and it has a decent throw distance of up to 600 feet. The flashlight has three working modes: high, dim, and strobe, so you can choose the best intensity of illumination for the case. When you need more light on a certain location, the emphasis slide comes in handy.
  • The Tactical X Flashlight review‘s usability is also critical, as you can use it with one AA battery or one 14500 rechargeable battery, giving you plenty of options.
  • Regardless of your preference, the Tactical X Flashlight does not consume batteries and will last for many weeks without having to be recharged.
  • The flashlight’s construction is solid and durable, allowing it to withstand the rigors of hiking, camping, and other outdoor activities. While it is water-resistant, it is not suitable for swimming.
  • Its small size makes it easy to store and carry, and it feels solid and secure in your lap. Its portability and ease of use are enhanced by the rugged metal belt clip. You can even keep the torch in your mouth if the condition requires it, freeing up your hands.
  • The flashlight is a perfect size and weight for easy handling and carrying. For the dollar, you get a dependable, rugged flashlight that can be used for a variety of outdoor activities.

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How Does Tactical X Flashlight Work?

This high-performance Tactical X Flashlight, also known as TacticLight X or Tactical X, is produced from high-grade materials.

Due to their longevity, but most importantly, their strength, this type of technique is often employed by the police and military.

They’re used for a lot of things, like mounting them on guns as needed.

Aside from the standard bright configuration, the Tactical X Flashlight has a variety of other modes.

Zoom mode, as previously mentioned, self-defense mode (strobe), low light mode, and SOS mode are among the most significant.

The low light mode, in particular, saves batteries and operates at a much lower brightness level, making the led flashlight useful when 700 lumens is too much.

Self-defense mode, on the other hand, sends a crippling strobe in the face of an intruder or attacker.

Finally, zoom mode focuses the light on a wider spot, which is helpful if you choose to concentrate the light on a particular area, and SOS mode emits a flickering SOS signal.

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The Tactical X Flashlight

We looked at a lot of tactical flashlights, spent hours evaluating and checking them, and rated them based on a number of factors, including:

  • Materials used and their durability
  • The brightness of the light beam
  • Additional functionality and functions
  • And, of course, the cost. Since no one wants to waste a lot on tactical flashlights, we choose the winner based on a combination of versatility and price.

The Tactical X Flashlight came out on top after our thorough testing.

Why Was This Our Winner?

  • It is made of fine-grade aluminum, which ensures it is very tough and can stand the test of time.
  • It has an output of 800 lumens, which is higher than the 120 lumens needed to disorient and briefly stun attackers. The brightness of this flashlight is 800 lumens. It’s insane.
  • The zoom function allows you to choose either a long-distance super-bright beam or a floodlight with a small coverage. So, if you want to illuminate a distant target or a large city, this flashlight will do it.
  • There are four different light modes. Modes include High, Medium, Low, and Glare. The manufacturers recognized that we do not all want to use the maximum 800 lumen light, so these modes allow you to choose from a variety of brightness settings that are appropriate for your case.
  • It’s absolutely waterproof. It is waterproof to IP68 standards. This means you can submerge it entirely in water for up to ten minutes without fear of it being harmed.

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How To Use Tactical X Flashlight?

As previously mentioned, there are a variety of situations in which this Tactical X Flashlight can be useful.

One of the most pertinent scenarios is when the electricity goes out and there is no other supply of power available.

Unfortunately, even if it is very stressful, this type of condition can arise at any moment and can last for several days in serious situations.

Traveling is another case where this military flashlight can come in handy.

Whatever your lifestyle choices are, you should never go on vacation without a flashlight in your backpack, particularly if you are going to a remote location.

You can have a tactical torch with you everywhere and wherever you enjoy your holidays, whether it’s a 10-day getaway with your dad, a five-star hotel, or going on a walk with your close friends.

This is obviously recommended, particularly if you are going camping or hiking for more than one day, or if you are going on a safari or to a remote location (in your country or overseas).

Safety comes first because while these events are exceptional, they require much more planning than a vacation in a major city with a five-star hotel.

Finally, we agree that a led torch should be included in any home and, most specifically, in every carry-on baggage, whether it is a trolley or a suitcase.

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Tactical X Flashlight Features

Here are the characteristics of this useful Tactical X Flashlight that I find most pleasing:

  • The body is made of strong aluminum. A military flashlight’s robust frame, made entirely of aircraft-grade aluminum, is one of its distinguishing features. It is, though, light enough to be held in one’s hand comfortably. Aluminum can survive any temperature and environment because it can only be melted at 1221 degrees Fahrenheit, making it sturdy and long-lasting.
  • System of composite lenses. Composite lenses are thinner and less susceptible to injury than glass or synthetic lenses. As a result, it lasts longer and saves you money on substitutes. The flashlight can also rely more on the aperture with composite lenses, resulting in a strong spotlight.
  • AAA battery. Since it uses three standard triple-A batteries, you’ll be able to find it conveniently in retail and hardware stores. It would have been cool if the battery could be recharged so that it could be conveniently inserted into a socket if it was completely depleted. Customers would not have had to purchase batteries individually. Nonetheless, it remains one of the better tactical flashlights around.
  • There are some modes and settings to choose from. I’ve already noted that it has various modes and settings instead of the standard ON and OFF turn, so it’s worth repeating. Depending on how light you like it, you can set it to low, mild, heavy, or glare. There’s even a self-defense mode and an emergency SOS mode. It’s regarded as one of the brightest tactical flashlights on the market today.

Tactical X Flashlight Price

Tactical X Flashlight is available separately, so why limit yourself to only one?

No matter where you go, you’ll need a torch.

You should have one at home, in your car’s glove box, and at your workplace.

It’s also a wonderful present for family and friends because it demonstrates your concern for their welfare.

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Final Verdict

This flashlight has completely captured my heart!

It’s compact enough to be carried in one hand easily but strong enough to last a long time.

Because of its incredibly bright spotlight, this lightweight Tactical X Flashlight packs a punch.

Plus, the cost is well worth it because, with good treatment, it will most likely last a lifetime.

Overall, this Tactical X Flashlight is one of the finest and brightest I’ve ever seen.

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